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Archival Bicycles: Vaughn W. Collection

Posted on: February 19th, 2009 by Lesli Larson
Raleigh Sport

Raleigh DL-1

Raleigh Sport

Alex Moutlon AM-7

Vaughn W. is my kind of archival collector. I might even have to appoint him as an understudy for the time when my own visual content runs dry. Originally, Vaughn sent me a few photographs of bicycles from his collection (“14 at last count”). Each bicycle is nicely appointed with a default Brooks saddle and a Carradice saddlebag, wire basket or some functional racking system. But Vaughn subsequently distracted me with images and commentary on handmade knives (by an in-the-know master), Stormy Kromer hats, Klepper boats, tube amp stereo equipment, US made galvanized pales and buckets, manual wrist watches, and to boot, stills of a (Filson?) wool cruiser style jacket worn by the Joe Waters characters in episode 45 of The Andy Griffith Show, “The Farmer Takes a wife” (a new source for sartorial screengrabs, I’m certain). More on Vaughn and his guest archive coming soon.

Shopping from The Andy Griffith Show (Episode #45)


  1. Anonymous on

    The bikes are gorgeous. Curious to see some handmade knife images.

  2. briannelee on

    I LOVE vintage bicycles!!!

  3. asimplerstyle on

    Having grown up in Nottingham (UK), where the Raleigh factory used to be, I’ve always loved the bikes they produce – these are no exception.

    Classic design, and great to ride as well.

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