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Archival Departure: Paris-Brest-Paris

Posted on: August 16th, 2011 by Lesli Larson

Tomorrow, I (Lesli) leave for France for Paris-Brest-Paris,”the most famous long-distance randonnée.” During the ride (which covers 12oo kilometers in 90 hours), I will be off the grid and out of communication with Archival readers. In lieu of a live broadcast, I’m providing some placeholder photographs documenting my experience.

Arrival at Brest

On the train

Lining up for the August 21st start (8 p.m.)

Traveling along a road in France

Overnight control in Loudeac

At the finish (August 25th).

Interested parties can track my progress via the Official Paris-Brest-Paris site. The Vanilla and I are registered as US frame number 4641. Eight riders from my club, the Oregon Randonneurs, will be making the trip. After PBP, I will be spending a week in Paris recovering from the ride and shopping from the present.


  1. Stacy on

    Somehow, I get the feeling you will NOT be drinking milk at the end of the race.

  2. ht on

    bon chance! dig into a proper paris-brest dessert when you’re back in paris!

  3. Anonymous on

    So jealous, good luck and have an awesome time.

  4. alford on

    Good luck! I hope staying awake isn’t too difficult.

  5. Anonymous on

    Excellent adventure to you. Remember, pictures or it didn’t happen.

  6. Andrew on

    go Lesli go — you can do it!
    (repeat 10,000 times or until ride is successfully completed)

    I look forward to watching your progress. Here’s to safe travels, smooth pavement, and a happy vacation at the end!

  7. Jeff Hardy on

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  8. Frink Lemur on

    The photo of the bicycle troops, the file name is misleading, as they are in British Commonwealth kit/helmets/rifles.

    The commonwealth used bicycle scouts, dragoons and regulars extensively, particularly the Canadian Divisions, as summed up nicely here:

  9. Anonymous on

    Good luck!

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