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Archival Envy: Filson Italy (Japan)

Posted on: October 11th, 2011 by Lesli Larson

Moleskin Minor’s Jacket

Hickory Work Jacket

Heritage Anorack

Denim Work Jacket

Filson Hunting Jacket

Filson Cruiser

Golddiggers Jacket for Women

Since it’s nearly impossible to source Filson Italy in the US, I’m prepping this catalog of images for wishful shopping. My images come from the official Filson Italy site, Japanese webshops and flickr. While I’ve known about Filson Italy (and the Black Label) for awhile, I recently discovered that they now have a “Donna” collection for women. I’m not wild about most of the line, but I do love the unfortunately named “Golddiggers” coat (essentially an upland game jacket in red plaid wool). When I emailed Filson Italy to inquire about the jacket, I was told that it would only be sold in Italy–and not via web shops. Hoping to have a custom version made in the US, Filson informed me that their wool is too thick to support the design of the coat (and further, that their custom order program is closed through April 2012). So–despite our internet age, not all the glitters can be owned.

Addendum: check out the new Filson Japan lookbook, Ballad of Portraits 2011.


  1. Anonymous on


    I am curious if you know the reasoning behind Filson’s thinking on not making these items available in the US. Surely the ‘heritage’ revival is nearing it’s peak on the one hand but on the other- these are just damn fine looking garments.

    Maybe we all need to chip in and have someone fly over and come back with a few rucksacks (Archival brand of course) full of orders.

    Thanks for the great post, keep it up AC!

  2. urban clothing on

    I think archival has a big future in the world of clothing. No doubt, each design are perfectly attractive. I want one of those Filson Cruiser!!!
    Thanks for a nice post.

  3. Lesli Larson on

    Anon. Not sure about the specifics of the licensing agreements with Filson Italy and Filson Japan. The Japanese line is made by the distributor Goldwin for the Japan market only. I’m angling to find someone to pick up the Golddigger jacket for me. I do know that some of the Filson Italy items for men–like the handsome Mountain Parka–can be sourced through online shops.

    We just need to push US Filson to develop their heritage designs. Write them an email. Give them a call. I’ve been pushing Filson to bring out a moleskin vest for women and a basic tin cloth cruiser–two simple requests for which patterns and materials already exist.

  4. ol'grumpy on

    oh man..that Moleskin Minor’s Jacket is killing it.

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