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Archival Field Trip: NYC/Brooklyn (Pt 1)

Posted on: October 30th, 2010 by Lesli Larson
Bobby Short portrait at the Cafe Carlyle. Soon after we landed we headed over to the Carlyle for a dinner show featuring OFAM favorite, John Pizzarelli and his wife Jessica Molaskey. Jonathan Schwartz was in the audience. 

Tom, Sara and I breakfasted in Brooklyn with Matthew from the William Brown Project.

Pratt campus. We wanted to see to whence Tom has disappeared.
Visit with Emil and Sandy, the kind and creative gents behind Hickoree’s/The Hill-side.
Some Hill-side wears with Brooklyn view

Exemplary packing station

Sara and Tom inspecting a Stanley & Sons conveyor belt tote
Brooklyn transport

Brook Farm General Store. Our Chaz would enjoy being a shop dog.

In constant transit. Footwear report to follow.

I emailed with this nice gent about places to stay in Brooklyn. We ran into him–by chance–at the restaurant he manages, Marlow & Sons. In addition to serving food, they sell woven towels and Armor-Lux apparel.

The Brooklyn Kitchen. Tom and Sara browsed the pickling supplies. I obsessed over the MKS Design paring knife on the left.


We stopped by Epaulet to check out their new Thorogood farm boot and Vanson for Epaulet waxed cotton motorcycle jacket. Lots of foot traffic in the shop.

A few doors down from Epaulet, we made a quick visit to Smith + Butler. Tom checked the fit on a Pointer chore coat. Just out of the frame, a reality TV couple browsed the inventory of nautical scarves, Barbour jackets and American workwear.

An all-important, end of day pause for cured meats at Los Paisanos meat market.

NYC/Brooklyn field trip, part two, coming next week.


  1. israel on

    good post, in Europe many people believe that N.Y. is manhattan, I love the grocery store, good and fun work

  2. Savile Joe on

    Love that selection of ties 8th pic down, looks like a great trip!

    Savile Joe

  3. Rat Trap Press on

    I really like the look of the Pointer chore coat. I visited the Pointer web site, their products are very affordable. Nice.

  4. Anonymous on

    Do you know where Tom got his backpack from?

  5. Anonymous on

    Are those floral print Hill-Side scarves I spy? Where might one be purchased?

  6. Anonymous on

    Cafe Carlyle? You lucky dog, you. Great choice. Sounds like you had a wonderfully stylistic time. I always wanted to get to the Carlyle to see Bobbie Short. And then I always wanted to go see Blossom Dearie. Apparently I need to make plans a little quicker.

  7. all plaidout on

    Great round up, Lesli. Glad you were able to get over to my old stomping grounds.

  8. unitedstyle on

    I hope that reality tv couple wasn’t Snooki and the Situation.

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