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Posted on: December 13th, 2008 by Lesli Larson

[Originally written in my new “Anablog,” a Pantone universe orange notebook.]

Household dependence on a baseboard heater w/insufficient wattage has made it necessary for me to wear a third sweater layer and wool hat as part of my emerging, outdoor-indoor wardrobe. Though I blogged about merino beanies, I actually prefer a wool cycling cap for indoor wear. In top rotation at the moment are three models new to me this year: my Paula Deer for Winter Bicycles “aviator style ” hat (brilliant for total ear coverage), my red wool Vanilla Bicycles cap (super low profile), and my Walz cap (in a jaunty plaid).

I don’t own a Woolistic Sputnik cap but it’s definitely on my ’09 wishlist (promising the total integration of hat, head and hair).


  1. Cecil Anne on

    I wore my Paula Deer reversible wool/cotton aviator cap for a 200K perm last weekend and it performed beautifully – my ears were never cold and my head was never too warm. As an added benefit, my husband thinks its cute, which is not his general opinion of my cycling gear . . . .

  2. Lesli Larson on

    Now that I’ve discovered the full range of the adjustable nob on the back of my bicycle helmet I’m starting to explore the intended use of these caps–for wear UNDER a bicycle helmet. I haven’t tried out the Paula Deer/Winter cap under the helmet (per you) but the Walz cap fits nicely.. Perhaps we need to organize for a special Oregon Rando/Paula Deer cycling cap (w/a Winter Bicycles bicycle tie-in).

    Photos of you wearing the Paula Deer aviator hat on your perm?

  3. Cecil Anne on

    Here’s a link to a photo that Vincent Muoneke took – I have the hat on wool side in – when I fasten the helmet strap down over the ear flap, the flap turns out a little, so you can see the green wool.

  4. Anonymous on

    I’ve worn a Woolistic Sputnik for the last couple of winters and really like it. Very similar to the one offered by Smartwool, except that it is a double layer. I don’t usually put it on until it gets down to 40° F. Over that, up to about the mid 50s, a Walz wool cap does the job.

  5. Winter Bicycles on

    Spam alert-

    I still have a few of the first edition Winter Bicycles Paula Deer hats in both the ear flap and cycling cap variety. Let me know if any readers are interested.

  6. Lesli Larson on

    Winter spam always welcome! Is there a preferred contact point (blog or email) for purchasing a Paula/Winter hat (or value add-on custom bicycle frame)?

  7. Cecil Anne on

    I should add that I also have the basic Smartwool beanie, which is a little thin for really cold days, and a little too big. I also recently acquired an Icebreaker double layer wool beanie that I like quite a bit. Although it is not nearly as stylish as the Paula Deer, it works well in temps that are a little too warm for the aviator cap.

  8. Winter Bicycles on

    Thanks LL!

    info at is the best bet.


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