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Archival Restock: Shawls, Caps & Bags

Posted on: January 26th, 2011 by Lesli Larson

We just took delivery of a new batch of multi-weave shawl collar cardigans by Centralia Knitting mills. We’re offering the shawls in two new multi-weaves: navy/black/gray and gray/black/white. We have limited stock of our original, gray/black multi-weave. We also received our order of solid and mulitweave cardigans in smaller sizes for women and slim gents. In a month or so, we’ll have our second restock of solid shawls in navy and gray in larger sizes.

These cardigans are truly stunning. I wear mine daily in lieu of a blazer. It’s now part of my signature uniform.

Here are a few new items in the AC web shop:

$10 buck, deadstock, Columbaknit cotton caps (factory direct)


  1. Rivet Head on

    Still loving my sweater…wore it yesterday!

  2. The Glengarry Sporting Club on

    Wearing mine now! I love it when people ask what the “story” is on this sweater, as nearly always happens. Signature Uniform indeed.

  3. Calvin on

    Just received my black-blue-gray shawl cardi and … it looks fantastic! Thank you. I tried it on and it feels a touch larger & longer than my solid blue which I got in November (both are size Large). But I’m keeping it!

    Love to see you work with Centralia Knitting Mills on other items – a non-shawl cardigan perhaps? Or a pull-over shawl?

  4. Lesli Larson on


    Thank you for your feedback. So glad you like the sweaters.

    We did add an extra inch to the length of the second round of sweaters. And there is a slight bit of natural variation between each individual sweater.

    We are definitely working on several additional knitwear projects with Centralia for next Fall including sweaters and jackets.



  5. Wesley Verhoeve on

    Love! Ordering two items right now!

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