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Eugene Tweed Ride 4.26.09

Posted on: April 27th, 2009 by Lesli Larson

On Sunday, I participated in the second Eugene Tweed ride of 2009 (disclosure: I was not present for Tweed Ride #1 which took place, according to this blog report, in slanting rain). By comparison with the original London Tweed Run, the Eugene version lacked eccentric Brits in matching plus fours and cycling brogues. However, our ride, 15-ish, strong, sported a surprisingly deep range of tweed themed outfits. Several folks even created their own refab knickers from found, thrift store woolens (most notably, this pair of donegal tweed trousers).
There was also an admirable roster of bicycles on the ride including a Kogswell porteur, a pair of Winter customs, a Velo-Orange (mine), Sara’s refurbished Bottecchia, vintage Raleighs and Schwinns, modern-brand uprights and a supporting cast of child bikes and cargo trailers. The optical center of the ride was this custom, wooden trunk-trailer which transported our tea and picnic provisions:

Full flickr set here.


  1. Chelsea on

    You guys look amazing!I really love your blog!

  2. Culinaria Eugenius on

    I can NOT believe my husband missed this one. You all look terrific! Where did you go?

  3. Lesli Larson on

    Indeed! Where was Mr. DL?! His bike would have been the guest of honor.


    Thanks for the comments. You need to launch your own Portland tweed ride.

  4. Dave on

    What fun. Thanks for the post!

  5. Anonymous on

    Where do I order those cycling shoes? Don’t tell me they’re vintage or NOS.

  6. Lesli Larson on

    Sorry, Anon!

    Those shoes–the perforated leather ones–are way vintage, NOS. Made by Vittoria. They’re an older version that requires the use of a plastic cleat (now cracking and leaving deposits in the house) for use with clips and straps. Leather on the shoes is top notch. They’d make great dress shoes if you didn’t have to walk around much on stone floors.

    We found these at Goodwill several years ago.

    The good news is that this style of shoe is frequently available on ebay.

    You might also look at the shoes sold by Maressi.

    Wallingford Bike Parts had a pair of nice Carnac Forclaz shoes available a few months ago.

  7. Shaun @ TWGA on

    There was a Eugene, Or Tweed Ride while I was there and no one told me?! I am a little disappointed. Now I am back in LA for good to never experience such a thing. I am quite disappointed.

  8. Matt on

    Hello! I need help organizing a tweed ride in Indianapolis. How many rode in your last one? Any tips?

  9. Lesli Larson on

    Email me and I can put you in contact with our Eugene organizer (who has all the answers).

  10. Anonymous on

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