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From the Archives: ¡Something Festive!

Posted on: December 23rd, 2012 by Lesli Larson

¡Something Festive! is my all time favorite holiday LP. I bring it out right after Thanksgiving (along with Christmas on the Bandstand) and keep it on the turntable well into January.

I own multiples copies of SF for fear that it will be damaged or lost or permanently disappear from the second hand market (a consumer strategy I extend to bag and jacket acquisitions).

Here’s the playlist.

¡Something Festive! features most of the top A & M recording artists of the day like Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass and Liza Minnelli (to the relief of some, The Carpenters are missing from this album).

If you spot a copy of ¡Something Festive! in the LP bins at Goodwill, buy it and add it to your archives. But first, examine it closely to make sure a scratch is not running through the album’s most brilliant track, B3, Claudine Longet’s grim rendition of Snow (sounding like an ancestral version of the theme song to Twin Peaks).


  1. Anonymous on

    I picked this up last week from a bin of vinyl Christmas LPs. I fully agree that it is delightful, and, yes, the Claudine Longet track is a real standout.

  2. Anonymous on

    instead of showing off why not post a link? Or do you think people are just interested in your opinions?

  3. Muhammad Amir on

    I own multiples copies of for fear that it will be damaged or lost or permanently disappear from the second. Custom Greek Threads

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