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From the archives – WWII knitting patterns

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Lesli Larson

During WWII, citizens in the US and UK were encouraged to knit garments for servicemen.  Trolling ebay, I found a sampling of the many patterns for sweaters, mitts, mufflers and socks.  The patterns are timelessly stylish and worthy of reissue.  I’m especially fond of the service cardigan and the marksman’s gloves (which would be perfect for cyclo-commuting).  If you wish to complete your own WWII ensemble, nab one of these ebay patterns or order one from HJS Studio Patterns or the extraordinary  Vintage Knitting Lady.







  1. Andrea on

    These classic styles really deserve to be seen again. I’ve knit from some of these WWII pattern books (both U.S. and British) and find them very straightforward to work with. The sleeveless high-neck pullover style originated with the Red Cross, and I recently acquired an original, with a Portland Chapter Red Cross label sewn in.

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