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Shopping from ebay- Greenspot Ventile Jacket

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 by Lesli Larson

Thanks to my Hedbden Cord hunting pal, Hudsonic, for spotting this Greenspot ventile jacket on UK ebay.  I’ve been searching for an original version of the Bertram Dudley & Son ventile cycling jacket for ages.  For daily use or for cyclo-commuting, I cannot imagine a better design (raglan sleeves, loop pull zipper, functional pocketing).  Modern updates to this style by Hilltrek have eliminated the spread collar, but I like this historic feature because it adds a touch of dress elegance to the jacket.  Alas, even with the short cut and side cinches, I’m not sure the size 38 would fit me.  At (capsule), I saw a nice Ventile jacket by the folks at North Sea Clothing which may be my next jacket acquisition.









  1. Aled Thomas on

    Interesting how different the jacket and the ad are. The ad says the jacket is poplin or gabardine and has 7 pockets, Including on the back, it appears. The jacket here is ventile, no back pockets, and the lower front pockets are zipped not flapped. Wonder aboutthedifference in dates.

    1. Lesli Larson Post authoron

      Aled- You’re right. It’s a different model but in the historic style of the Greenspot.

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