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Shopping from the 1950s: Sporting Goods

Posted on: March 8th, 2013 by Lesli Larson

One of my primary time travel fantasies involves shopping from catalogs from the past.  For my Spring workout wardrobe, I’d love to order sportswear and gym equipment from the pages of these old Athletic Journals from the 1950s.  What I adore about this era of sporting garb is the emphasis on rugged construction, quality materials (virigin wools, pure orlons!), “glove smooth” fit and a tailored look (“neatness and uniformity”).  Even the trampolines, gym mats and megaphones were made from super sturdy materials and promised to last for ages.  Take a look at some of these classic ads and tell me what you would buy now. 



  1. kyjunker on

    GOOD STUFF!Kevin

  2. Band collar jacket on

    Um…is that thing tame?” Frank said.

  3. stone hood on

    American Trampolines’ products were so nice. I still love it.
    – Herman Swan

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