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Shopping from the present: Dickies 1922 Shirting

Posted on: August 9th, 2011 by Tom Bonamici
Workshirt excellence

You might have seen our review of the Dickies 1922 trousers, and we’re happy to have gotten a few of the Dickies 1922 shirts to review. Like the trousers, these shirts are beautifully detailed and made from excellent fabrics. The fit is more approachable than the original trousers, too – high armholes and a regular body make for a comfortable shirt that’s not too baggy.

The coming-soon painter’s white shirt is much lighter than the heavy Cramerton twill used in the original shirts and trousers – a nice option for summer months.
The Cramerton twill shirts are currently available in a rigid finish (left), but will soon be offered in a rinsed finish, too (right).

Suggested trouser pairing.

Meticulous detailing and impeccable construction.

Now I’m still hoping to review the upcoming Dickies 1922 Slim Straight trouser – hopefully it’ll be the answer to my prayers for a simple, bombproof, slim-fitting pair of chinos made in the USA. Fingers crossed! Until then, I’ll be wearing these rugged shirts through the cool Oregon summer.


  1. Regis on

    What are the trousers the model is wearing in the photo with the white painter’s shirt?

  2. Tom Bonamici on

    They’re Engineered Garments trousers from last fall/winter’s collection.

  3. Smashwindow on

    where do I buy?

  4. Smashwindow on

    where do i buy

  5. Anonymous on

    if i read the word ‘shirting’ one more time i’m gonna puke. dickies makes working class ‘shirts’.

  6. Anonymous on

    “Shirting” primarily denotes fabrics that are suitable for making shirts (even working class shirts).

    It also seems to crop up anywhere someone wants to refer to a shirt in a way that seems more formal, but it just seems precious to me.

    I agree that limiting it to the former use and referring to shirts as “shirts” would prevent many people from getting their underpantings into bunchings.

  7. Anonymous on

    Are there any other new shirts in the pipeline other than the painter’s and the washed Cramerton?? And when do you think these will be available? Thanks!

  8. JP on

    Hoping to see some of these in the flesh soon so to speak as they look great. I recently picked up some shirts and jeans by another old American workwear producer Farah , they have remade a number of pieces from their 90 year archive all of which were superbly well made using great fabics, White Oak denim, selvage chambray etc but I’m not sure where they were made, take a look.


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