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Archival Envy: Filson Italy (Japan)

October 11th, 2011

Moleskin Minor’s Jacket

Hickory Work Jacket

Heritage Anorack

Denim Work Jacket

Filson Hunting Jacket

Filson Cruiser

Golddiggers Jacket for Women

Since it’s nearly impossible to source Filson Italy in the US, I’m prepping this catalog of images for wishful shopping. My images come from the official Filson Italy site, Japanese webshops and flickr. While I’ve known about Filson Italy (and the Black Label) for awhile, I recently discovered that they now have a “Donna” collection for women. I’m not wild about most of the line, but I do love the unfortunately named “Golddiggers” coat (essentially an upland game jacket in red plaid wool). When I emailed Filson Italy to inquire about the jacket, I was told that it would only be sold in Italy–and not via web shops. Hoping to have a custom version made in the US, Filson informed me that their wool is too thick to support the design of the coat (and further, that their custom order program is closed through April 2012). So–despite our internet age, not all the glitters can be owned.

Addendum: check out the new Filson Japan lookbook, Ballad of Portraits 2011.

Archival Cruelty: S.N.S X CDG

January 11th, 2009

Thanks to blogger Ready For The House for introducing me to Danish knitwear brand, SNS-Herning. As an addendum to last Friday’s post, I’m including SNS-Herning to my inventory of luxury knitwear I might buy if I needed to drop my life savings in twenty minutes or so.

After browsing the SNS-Herning site (w/a coincidental resemblance to Old Town Clothing), I’ve selected out a few sweater styles–the Fishermans Zip and the Naval–for inclusion in the permanent archives.

Expanding my shopping options, I’m adding a few special edition SNS-Herning sweaters designed in collaboration with Comme Des Garcons (as sold by the Tres Bien Shop).   
Although I was able to collect out SNS-Herning image content for the blog, the sweaters themselves appear to be sold out in most color and size options.   

Archival Cruelty: Old Town Clothing

February 16th, 2008

Digital fabric samples (top down): Harris Tweed, Corduroy, Moleskin:

I’m always lamenting the remote location of my preferred retail sites: namely, Tokyo boutiques selling hyperrefined revisions of country clothing and 40s era workwear. Though thoughtful readers continue to suggest means of accessing these items online, I’m holding out for a future, in person spree–perhaps sometime in 09??? Today, I’m distracted by another longstanding retail cruelty–my inability to order items from a UK company called Old Town Clothing. Here, I submit visual examples of what makes Old Town so seductive. Each garment in their product range receives the same visual treatment: an upfront grayscale silhouette, followed, a page away, by a photograph and digital fabric sample. Returning to the site every once in awhile, I like to prioritize the garment/fabric selection for my hypothetical order (first, the Marshalsea in irish linen follwed by the Jerkin in tweed, and on…). I’d even order a full length dress if they made it out of this fabric.

Old Town provides a link to a form which one can fill out and mail in to Ms. Wiley. However, when I wrote Ms. Wiley a letter of inquiry (with full overseas postage), I never received a letter of response. My question: did my letter get lost, destroyed, or is this just a case of mail ordering from the past (with my items arriving by way of a David Niven film on some future broadcast date)?

Contact Old Town here.