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From the archives – Freshman Dinks

September 26th, 2013

From the Florida Memory Archives, here is a great snap of two FSU Freshman wearing their Freshman beanies.  In the 1930s and 40s, college Freshman were often required to wear beanies or “dinks”  during their first term on campus.  After WWII, the tradition largely died out although you can still find archival images of Freshman in the 1960s sporting dinks.  One Polytechnic archives reported that students in 1967 held a beanie burning ceremony.  As a form of hazing, dink wear seems relatively benign.  I’d love to see this style of short brimmed, low crown cap return to campus as some kind of mandatory Freshman garb.


UW – River Falls sporting dinks and sandals in the 1960s


Beanie/Freshman hazing dink from Wheaton college


Cornell Dink


EKU students in Dinks and loafers in 1963


Late for Class? (A Freshman Rush).  Comic postcard from 1906 via George Wahr

Archival Beanies

December 5th, 2008

Random Merino Beanie Hat
Border Beanie Hat

Solid Beanie Hat

Wigwam Mills Oslo Beanie
Friend Rick is looking for an off-the-peg, grey wool beanie he can wear until he secures a replacement for a recently lost, hand knit version.

I suggested Vermont Originals as a commercial wool beanie resource. I found Vermont Originals by way of Rivendell Bicycle Works. Several years back, Riv switched vendors from Wigwam to VO for their signature striped beanie.

I’m a fan of striped hats (grey-black is best), though I do like Riv’s solid, thin wool beanies. However, I’m waiting for Riv to cycle through their current, lt. blue and and lilac color offerings.