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Archival Outing

June 15th, 2011

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a Sunday afternoon paddle by canoe on the McKenzie River. The promise of fish and fine riparian views outweighed our reluctance to venture out into the drizzle. What care we when we have the best waxed cotton outerwear for the worst Oregon Spring in recent memory.

Rick’s prized Grumman (a transplant, like Rick, from Minnesota)


Prized canvas duck duffle (family heirloom)

Flies tied for the occasion

Preparing to launch

My assignment

In full wax garb

Passing view

Non archival footwear (and Filson fly-fishing strap vest)

Recommended substitution

Success! (first of several)

Guest Baggage: Frost River Canoe Packs

March 25th, 2009

Albert Dorp, who sells Frost River packs through his German web shop, Absolut Canoe, sent me some shots of his Frost River packs in action. Albert tells me that he does not have any additional news about the fate of Frost River as a company. However, his shop still has inventory of Frost River packs (including my favorite, the Vintage Pack). He also noted, in an odd twist, that he just shipped out two packs to a customer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, birthplace of Frost River.

Please send along any news, notes or waxed cotton gossip about Frost River. For example, will Frost River revive their business in 2009? Will Duluth Pack introduce their own line of waxed cotton canoe packs (no dry finish canvas, please)? Will Rivendell, Filson or Billykirk introduce a waxed cotton rucksack in the style of a traditional canoe pack? Is there a third party manufacturer out there sketching up their own design for a staple canoe pack?

For the sake of nostalgia, here’s a cameo shot of a canoe pack (by Duluth?) from the Engineered Garment’s 2005 Fall/Winter line.

On the subject of waxed cotton luggage, see Adam A/Zugster’s new waxed canvas backpack on flickr. I like the large, streamlined front pocket and webbing grid. I prefer my bags with leather straps and metal buckles, but for this type of cycling-courier bag I understand Adam’s decision to go with quick release plastic buckles and nylon straps.