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Release – Archival Wool Cap

October 7th, 2013



We just released a new Archival Wool Cap made for us in New York by Ideal Cap Co.  If you are a longtime reader of the AC blog, you may remember my Cooperstown Cap Co lament.  In 2010, Cooperstown announced their closure.  At the time, Cooperstown was one of the few US companies producing replica, all wool ball caps.  For reference, Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. manufactured custom caps for historical teams and individuals. One could order a cap in any historical style or in any combination of styles, logos or colors. The illustrated Cooperstown catalogs featured examples of nearly every known historical baseball team including company teams, military teams and even a hat from the Eastern Washington Hospital for the Mentally Insane. All caps were handmade from 13 oz. athletic flannel, horsehide leather bands and highest grade peak stiffeners. Whenever possible, caps were sewn on original machines in Cooperstown, NY.

Cooperstown is now back in business under the Ideal Cap Co. moniker.  To celebrate, we are now releasing  a new batch of 6-panel Archival Wool Caps from Ideal.  Sewn out of substantial navy wool flannel with an adjustable leather strap in back. Our cap features a soft leather sweatband, a traditional kelly green under brim to reduce glare and canvas backing on front two panels. All panels are fully taped inside for a clean finish. Embroidered with our classic Archival Clothing initials in red.   For more details, visit our Archival Web Shop.

New Additions to AC Web Shop

November 4th, 2011

We’re updating the AC web shop with Fall items from Rising Sun, Leather Head Sports, Saint James and Columbiaknit. Check out our Columbiaknit cotton caps in new colorways. And by popular demand, we’re bringing in a new logo-neutral Cooperstown Ball Cap in our favorite color, navy blue. Stay tuned for updates on more items coming to the AC shop including Individualized shirts and a from-the-archives, machine knit wool scarf.

Rising Sun Outdoor Vest Restock (indigo and new tan canvas duck)