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Archival Collaboration: Goosebarnacle x Archival Clothing Rucksack

May 6th, 2011

Goosebarnacle (Brooklyn Heights)

Special edition Goosebarnacle x Archival Clothing Rucksack

In collaboration with David Alperin, we produced these special edition Archival Rucksacks. The bags are constructed of gray 22 oz waxed filter twill with all black Horween leather, black mil spec cotton webbing and blue bartacking. The rucksacks are being sold exclusively through Goosebarnacle, David’s Brooklyn Heights boutique which was recently voted best menswear shop by New York magazine.

All black Horween leather

Black mil spec webbing

Blue bartacking

Same visual minimalism

Shopping from the Future: Vanilla Custom Bicycle

January 20th, 2011

In April, I’ll be pre-registering for Paris-Brest-Paris. Although the Pencil was an early front runner, I’ll be riding my custom Vanilla lugged randonnee on the August 2011 ride. Acquiring the Vanilla was a bit like mail ordering from the future. I submitted a deposit in 2006 and took delivery in September 2010. The bike is a bit of a Rivendell remake (more Herzog’s Nosferatu, less Van Sant’s Psycho). I switched over from 650b to 700c tires, requested lighter weight tubing and integrated lights, rack and fenders. Sacha White, the bike’s builder, was kind enough to borrow a mandrel to give my front fork a nice, low radius bend (à la française).

Here’s an out-of-the-past preview courtesy of the Vanilla Workshop’s flickr photostream:

Photographed outside the Vanilla Workshop in Portland, Oregon.

Austere decaling. Only one panel on the seat tube.

Trusty Acorn Rando Boxy bag transplanted to the Vanilla.

Generator driven, Schmidt Edelux Headlight.

Son 20 front 32 hub. Lightweight for year round use.

Leather chain slap guard.

Updated views from an unusually balmy MLK Day ride:

January edition. Bar wrap and saddle have been updated.

Detail shot of simple lugs and Pacenti Paris-Brest crown.

Sacha special: custom handlebar bag rack with decaleur (not pictured).
For interested parties, here’s a short instructional film on PBP.

Shopping from Pillpat: Habillement du Sportsman

December 9th, 2009

by Tom Bonamici

We were alarmed to see that flickr favorite, Pillpat, has loaded more images to her Manufrance set. Over dinner, we had been shopping from Arnys and Hebden Cord, both offering unobtainable clothing (one’s unaffordable, one’s out of business). Like these companies, Pillpat’s content aggravates the historical shopper by presenting a line of unique garments all with singular cuts, details and fabrics. The hunting clothing is particularly strong in this round of images–see especially: le costume pour l’alpiniste, le nouveau costume pour la chasse et le grand paletot fourré.

I (Tom) am particularly fond of the Gilet Cartouchière (above, far right), especially in this context of being worn over a heavy sweater. Note the flapped cartridge pocketing and trim neck detailing. Translation snippet: “This vest can be made in any of our suiting fabrics.”

Like in the Arnys catalog, we’re really impressed by the presentation of garments as part of an entire ensemble. But we also enjoy seeing the different detailing, such as odd plackets and pockets, pivot sleeves, and wildly varying hemlines. In fact, we both think that Hergé might have done all of Tintin’s shopping from this very catalog. Finally, the fabric samples bring to mind the Archival Clothing party doctrine that any garment in a line should be available in any fabric (see custom options at Old Town and Hebden Cord).

Shopping From Three Years Ago: Rivendell Custom Bicycle

July 8th, 2007

After three years and a few days, I just received word from custom frame builder Curt Goodrich that my 650b frame and rack are finally finished and ready for paint/plating. After putting over 6,000 on my Goodwill Trek randonneuse, I’m thrilled and desperate to ride something which was actually built to accommodate the mixed dimensions of my mini monkey donkey body.

Here is a link to my parts selection to date.