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Archival Insulation

December 13th, 2008

[Originally written in my new “Anablog,” a Pantone universe orange notebook.]

Household dependence on a baseboard heater w/insufficient wattage has made it necessary for me to wear a third sweater layer and wool hat as part of my emerging, outdoor-indoor wardrobe. Though I blogged about merino beanies, I actually prefer a wool cycling cap for indoor wear. In top rotation at the moment are three models new to me this year: my Paula Deer for Winter Bicycles “aviator style ” hat (brilliant for total ear coverage), my red wool Vanilla Bicycles cap (super low profile), and my Walz cap (in a jaunty plaid).

I don’t own a Woolistic Sputnik cap but it’s definitely on my ’09 wishlist (promising the total integration of hat, head and hair).