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December 16th, 2008
Troentorp Pablo Clogs w/Alpendale Knickers

Dansko Professional commuter clogs

Riding the rollers in clogs and corduroy trousers

Dansko Professional and Troentorp Pablo tread marks

Sanita Pro closed back clogs (as worn by the Metrofiets creator)

Ever since I saw this picture of Aspen Gent, I’ve revised my attitude towards clogs as everyday footwear. My own brand preference is for Bastad Troentrop “Pablo” wood clogs with a full a closed heel and steel toe. In my friend circles, the Dansko professional is a wardrobe staple. One user adds that in wet climates like Eugene, Oregon, the Danskos are ideal because they permit you to walk above–rather than around –most standing water.

A lesser known fact about clogs is that they make perfect footwear for fixed gear bicycle riding. I have found that clogs act like the stiff sole of a cycling shoe (something like duegi keiren 103 shoes), providing additional power transfer to the pedal. The downside, of course, is that you lose the ability to add clips and leather toe straps to the total stylistic system of your bicycle.

If you’re in the market for a handmade pair of clogs, I found a shop in the UK, The Clog and Shoe Workshop, manufacturing clogs in workboot and lace-up styles. I suggest a visit to the company website if only to see the antique clog work boots from 1943.