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Shopping from the past – Hebden Cord Touring Shorts

October 4th, 2016


Occasionally, an eBay watchlist returns a pleasant ping like these original Hebden Cord Touring Shorts. Alas, they are sized too large for me but I still want to document for my archives. In a few years, all memories of elegant, tailored, non-technical cycling garb will most likely disappear from our collective memory. Here is a little evidence to the contrary:







Archival Commerce: St James Nautical Sweater

May 2nd, 2009

For interested parties, I’m looking to sell a vintage, St. James nautical sweater I errantly purchased on ebay. Item is in beautiful condition. However, I should have checked actual measurements for the item against the title description which indicates that the sweater would fit a large child or small woman. My description would say that this sweater would fit a larger, taller woman or a gent (garment is on the long side). Here is the original listing for the item on ebay including actual measurements for the garment (which I should have read). I’ll launch an actual ebay auction next week. But I’d sell it to an interested party for 50.00 w/shipping. Send me an email through my profile if you’re interested. This will be a temporary post on the blog.