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Shopping from Pillpat: Habillement du Sportsman

December 9th, 2009

by Tom Bonamici

We were alarmed to see that flickr favorite, Pillpat, has loaded more images to her Manufrance set. Over dinner, we had been shopping from Arnys and Hebden Cord, both offering unobtainable clothing (one’s unaffordable, one’s out of business). Like these companies, Pillpat’s content aggravates the historical shopper by presenting a line of unique garments all with singular cuts, details and fabrics. The hunting clothing is particularly strong in this round of images–see especially: le costume pour l’alpiniste, le nouveau costume pour la chasse et le grand paletot fourré.

I (Tom) am particularly fond of the Gilet Cartouchière (above, far right), especially in this context of being worn over a heavy sweater. Note the flapped cartridge pocketing and trim neck detailing. Translation snippet: “This vest can be made in any of our suiting fabrics.”

Like in the Arnys catalog, we’re really impressed by the presentation of garments as part of an entire ensemble. But we also enjoy seeing the different detailing, such as odd plackets and pockets, pivot sleeves, and wildly varying hemlines. In fact, we both think that Hergé might have done all of Tintin’s shopping from this very catalog. Finally, the fabric samples bring to mind the Archival Clothing party doctrine that any garment in a line should be available in any fabric (see custom options at Old Town and Hebden Cord).

Shopping from 1921: Équipages Français

October 21st, 2009

Manufacture Francaise d’Armes & Cycles courtesy Pillpatt (agence Eureka)
Thanks to one of my favorite Archival finders, Robin E., who pointed me to this flickr set featuring pages from Manufacture Francaise, a French firearms and clothing catalog from 1921. Per an auction note for a related item: “Manufacture Francaise produced an annual catalogue with over 700 pages and thousands of images of various products for sale. The catalogue provides a great deal of information of every kind needful to Sportsmen, Cyclists, Anglers, Tourists, etc.”