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Archival Update: AC Field Bag in Navy

June 10th, 2011

Archival Clothing is pleased to announce that our Field Bag is now available in 22 oz navy waxed twill.

The Archival Field Bag is intended as a daily workhorse, a crossover between a traditional English fishing bag and an urban messenger bag. Durable construction and practical features allow the bag to excel at carrying gear both outdoors and to the office.

See the Archival Web Shop for more details.

Archival Update: Filson Summer Sale

July 27th, 2009

Vaughn Wascovich, Neylandville,Texas #2

Yesterday, friend/photographer/collector Vaughn W. emailed to tell me that Filson is closing out their first generation collection of tin cloth luggage.

Sale page here.

From what I know, Filson is changing the color of the webbing from olive to tan for a more “monochromatic” look. Personally, I prefer the contrasting olive webbing so I’ll be placing an order for the small shell bag (and possibly the field bag–though I loathe those plastic quick release buckles). The tin cloth line is designed for shooting and hunting (as an alternative to the 22 oz twill luggage), but I’ve found that the lighter weight fabric, w/taffeta lining, makes for perfect grocery and bike errand bags. If you hunt around (or call Filson directly), you might be lucky enough to locate remaining stock of the original tin cloth tote with olive webbing–the best tote ever made…

What do you think of the new khaki colored webbing?

Addendum: if you know of a top quality source for US made webbing which looks like the kind used for the straps on the Filson tote… please send me an email (full Archival Webbing report coming soon!).

New luggage.

Best tote ever

Guest Baggage: Czech Army Sling

July 6th, 2009

I’ve been investigating closure solutions and historical satchel examples for my musette project. A friend of mine picked up this WWII, Czech army satchel from a local surplus store. A flickr friend noted that he liked the “random #4 stamp” and the “standing seam detail” of the body of the bag–details that don’t reproduce well when aped by modern bagmakers wishing for vintage authenticity. I love the toggle closures which seem more craft fair than military surplus. I also like the sway strap but would change the bag’s portrait orientation from vertical to landscape.

Filson Field Bags in Film: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (Eastwood 1997)

June 21st, 2009
Bridle leather shoulder strap

Friend Vaughn W. (of bike collection fame) sent me these cameo views of a Filson Medium Field Bag from the film, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (Eastwood 1997). Aside from the bag and Johnny Mercer/jazz soundtrack, I don’t remember much about the movie itself. Worth revisiting?

Archival Revival: Barbour Retriever Bag

June 11th, 2009

1990s catalog

1980s catalog

One of my favorite Barbour bags, the Sports Twin Pack (rebadged the Waxed Cotton Retriever Bag), is once again available. I sold off my original version a few years ago due to an intense mildew odor (the problem with purchasing “vintage” barbour on ebay). I’d definitely like to secure a new version (UK made, I hope) before it disappears again.

I’ve always coveted the simple, unstructured musette-style of this bag (designed to be carried over the shoulder or worn on the belt of a Barbour International jacket). In fact, I’ve been drawing design inspiration from original catalog images of the sports twin pack for my own waxed cotton musette project.
Available here (UK)
Available here (UK)
And here (US)

Just stumbled on this more minimalist version of the Retriever Bag (pockets on an envelope):

Waxed Cotton A7 Bag (same strap as International belt)

Archival Report: Winn Perry Spring 09

June 3rd, 2009
Loden Dager car coat

Spring cottons

Internal snap cuff detail

Loden Dager M50 jacket

Mjolk trousers

sQuoddy chukka

Columbia Knit rugby shirts and sweaters


Common Projects and Quoddy
Our Legacy corduroy jacket

Jordan in SNS Herning cardigan

Here’s a brief, June-in-January visual update from Winn Perry in Portland, Oregon. In addition to carrying exemplary brands like Quoddy, SNS-Herning and Obedient Sons, Winn Perry sells a number of unique, Portland-made items like Columbia Knit rugby shirts and this handmade cowhide satchel by “friend Steve”.

Custom leather satchel (sold, I believe)

Here’s the Billykirk card case I purchased during my last visit:

Billykirk in Lane County (after this project)
Check the Winn Perry website for general sartorial wisdom and up-t0-date product offerings.
Looks like h(y)r collective has a new favorite store too.

Another blog report on Winn Perry and Duchess from Design*Sponge.

Archival Baggage: Billykirk Field Bag

May 24th, 2009

Billykirk waxed cotton field bag

Although I have no earthly need for another bag of any kind (messenger, musette or otherwise), I’m coveting this new field bag by Billykirk. In my mind, the BK bag fills the niche between my Frost River cartridge bag (flimsy) and Filson medium field bag (heavy on the shoulder for cycling). The Billykirk bag combines a waxed cotton main body w/soft leather side and back panels (resembling, through bag ancestry, this Orvis Battenkill field shoulder bag). It has the light (nearly foldable) weight of a musette with the more advanced pocketing of a traditional shoulder (or shell) bag. Although the leather paneling dresses up the bag, it makes it a bit luxe (for me) for daily use. However, I’ve heard that future iterations of the bag might be made in full waxed cotton. Trying to decide on color options: olive, tan or black?

I was chirped at by a Portland “concept store” for taking photos of the Billy Kirk bag–so I apologize for their hurry-up, spy shot quality (no privileged access for me).
For context, a few other field shoulder bag examples:

Frost River shell bag (poor shoulder strap design)

Filson tin cloth medium field bag (nice save for those plastic clasps)

Military field bag (austerity model)

Hunting World options