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Shopping from the UK – Carrier Company

May 2nd, 2014

I just stumbled across Carrier Company, a terrific looking heritage clothing manufacturer out of the UK. Like their more famous, Norfolk counterparts, Old Town Clothing, Carrier Company manufacturers high quality, 100% cotton  jackets, vests and smocks that take their design cues from the past but have been updated with a slightly more modern fit.  Browse the Carrier site for a range of rural garb sized for both for men and women.  Here are a few of my favorite models:
DSC_7339   traditional-norfolk-slop-1-large


norfolk-work-jacket-7-large  DSC_7370

Shopping from the archives: Logger’s Smock

February 17th, 2009

UW6968, University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division

A reader from Chicago forwarded this link to a photograph of a group of loggers at the P.B. Anderson logging camp (n.d.) from the University of Washington’s digital collections. Several years ago, the image was licensed by CC Filson for use on a catalog cover (before Filson changed ownership, I’m told). The reader was curious about the wool shirt worn by the figure in the foreground which he compares to the wool Filson Jac-Shirt, but in a pullover smock style. The reader’s take was that loggers would have preferred this wool, pullover smock to a full button-up style shirt as a safety precaution: “fewer places for saw handles to find purchase.”

I’m now helping the reader locate a modern stockists offering a similar style pullover jac-shirt in a nice thick melton wool, preferably with a stiff collar. Plan B would be to locate a vintage pattern and have a tailor construct a new garment based on the original photograph.
Here are a few plausible modern matches to the original logger’s smock (thanks, Neil!).

Speaking of online archives, the UW just added a new exhibit to their digital collections pages: Early Advertisement of the Northwest (1867-1918). I was hoping for a few token proto-Filson pitches, but I did find this interesting ad for the long lost brand of Tower’s waterproof oil clothing (1899).

ADV0409, University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division