Shopping From Japan

Snap scroll: @junkystyle_

Counter programming against Black Friday, I like to rapid scroll through the web shops of the Japanese apparel accounts I follow on Instagram. I know the lag delay of Google translating product descriptions and sizing charts will put the brakes on impulse buying one more chore coat that I don’t need. Instead, I grab screen …

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Filson x Sidnaw vest
Shopping From The Present

Catch and release: Filson x Sidnaw Vest

Missed it! This lovely outdoor vest collaboration between Filson and Sidnaw, a Michigan-based outdoor apparel company, bounced from in-box to sold-out-in-my-size in a blink. Everything about the ingredient list for this garment is top notch: Filson deadstock waxed-cotton fabric (8-oz. oil finish Cover Cloth and the Burnt Olive with 11-oz. oil finish Shelter Cloth) for …

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Archival Field Trip

LL on tour in Seattle ( June 2022)

It’s been a few years since I did full city tour with stops in shops, meals out, and trips to shows, games and movies. This past weekend, I launched a mini Archival Field Trip and headed up to Seattle, Washington for a quick getaway. Here are some snaps from my trip w/a heavy emphasis. on …

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Women's Land Army Shop Jacket
From the archives

Wishful Shopping: Women’s Land Army Shop Jacket

Just spotted this wonderful, Women’s Land Army jacket at one of my favorite online vintage shops, Saunders Militaria. Here’s a description of the jacket from the site: “Without a doubt a stunning article of clothing. This deadstock (mint/ unused) pattern is dated 1943 and was designed for the Women’s Land Army as a sort of …

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