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Shopping from Project Runway: Christian’s Barbour tote

March 19th, 2008

I’ve already forgotten the garments from Project Runway, but I’m revisiting all the footage of the (recently discontinued) Barbour tote bag carried in and out of the Parsons workroom by designer Christian Siriano. In Lexington, KY, a few years ago, I almost purchased the same bag (but promptly returned it to the rack after reading the “made in China” hang tag). In trying to track down new old stock of the Barbour tote (now more mature about the foreign import thing), I found a lovely UK equivalent, the “picnic tote,” made by Chapman bags.

Catch and release: Filson jackets for women

March 6th, 2008

For interested parties, here are a few snap views of some new Filson garments for women (all returned back to the factory). As anticipated, none of the garments quite fit my circus monkey form (stumpy arms, stocky center, shortened torso, etc). For the most part, the garments were quite well made but exhibited strange design details/decisions: namely, one-way rather than two-way zippers, weird feminine shaping panels (not pictured) and overall, oddly boxy fit (even in a size small).