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Archival Spectators

July 29th, 2009

Notes: Fall Filson trickling into the “New Arrivals” section of the website (more to come, I assume, once semi-annual sale flushes out discontinued items, etc).

Items include additions to the wool luggage line like a timber camo duffle and grey multi tote.

Surprised by this wool bomber for Women. More Filson or Old Navy?

Jealous of this jacket and this jacket in different weight wools for gents. Filson, please consider offering this style for women in 2011.

I’m most excited about this Upland Jacket in a shorter, trimmer cut for women. It’s what I was expecting from Filson when they first introduced this collection (modern fit without pandering details like pleats or side panels). Wishing it were 2010 and the Upland Jacket had migrated over to the marked down, web specials section (optic corrupted by a few minutes in Zara today).

I’ve seen down vests and jackets (for men and women) from this seller on ebay. But nothing is up on the site yet.

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Archival Update: Filson Summer Sale

July 27th, 2009

Vaughn Wascovich, Neylandville,Texas #2

Yesterday, friend/photographer/collector Vaughn W. emailed to tell me that Filson is closing out their first generation collection of tin cloth luggage.

Sale page here.

From what I know, Filson is changing the color of the webbing from olive to tan for a more “monochromatic” look. Personally, I prefer the contrasting olive webbing so I’ll be placing an order for the small shell bag (and possibly the field bag–though I loathe those plastic quick release buckles). The tin cloth line is designed for shooting and hunting (as an alternative to the 22 oz twill luggage), but I’ve found that the lighter weight fabric, w/taffeta lining, makes for perfect grocery and bike errand bags. If you hunt around (or call Filson directly), you might be lucky enough to locate remaining stock of the original tin cloth tote with olive webbing–the best tote ever made…

What do you think of the new khaki colored webbing?

Addendum: if you know of a top quality source for US made webbing which looks like the kind used for the straps on the Filson tote… please send me an email (full Archival Webbing report coming soon!).

New luggage.

Best tote ever

Archival Safari

July 25th, 2009

To Have and Have Not (Hawks 1944)
Overstuffed safari jacket signals villainy

Filson Bush Jacket for women (sans belt)

90s Filson catalog (discontinued poplin pants and shorts)

Matching Kalahari shorts and Safari dress

In Swiss gabardine

Absence of Malice (Pollack 1981)

After several catch and release episodes, I finally ordered and removed the tags from a Filson Safari jacket for women. I’ve been a longtime admirer of the safari jacket–for its timeless design, warm weather wearability and cotton poplin fabric (the waxed cotton of August).

Although I’ve owned my Safari jacket for a few weeks, I’m still a little uneasy about wearing it in public. At the moment, I’m keeping the belt tied back to minimize the overwhelming Karen Blixen look.