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Shopping from the movies: On Any Sunday (1971)

February 29th, 2012

On Any Sunday (Brown 1971), the famous 1971 motorcycle documentary, has been shopped to death. Over the years, gent bloggers have obsessed over the film’s motorcycles, wax jackets, leather boots and Steve McQueen footage. Coming late to this movie, I gravitated to the section dealing with the six day international motorcycle trial in Spain. As a randonneur, I appreciate any sporting event that emphasizes endurance, durable clothing, modest rewards and an ethos of self reliance (riders must maintain their own machines during the race).

Here are a few of my favorite small details from On Any Sunday:

Red kerchief; rear snap closure pockets on jacket

Self-reliant motorcycle maintenance

Anorak and jockey goggles over eyeglasses

Cotton web strap holding the metal skid plate in place (nylon now for sure)

Stylish spectator in Spain

Pristine pit crew

Modest winner’s medallion

Mixed use trail

Archival Field Trip – Portland

February 27th, 2012

Snap views from last month’s field trip up to PDX.

Coffee at The Fresh Pot

Pina in 3D – Cinema 21

Print ephemera at the S. Glass household

Jarom at Reveille (great source for Rising Sun & Mister Freedom)

Engineered Garments and Tellason denim at Blake

Made in USA daypack at Levi’s store

Jordan testing fit on my Post O’Alls vestlittle t american baker

Archival Visit – HUGE magazine

February 24th, 2012

Last weekend we were honored with a visit from the Japanese “hi-style” magazine HUGE. HUGE is doing a feature on Oregon manufacturers and we were pleased that they included Archival in their itinerary. On Sunday, the HUGE team visited our sewing contractor’s facility in Springfield to get some live action snaps of Terry at work.

It was a pleasure to watch Nick, a professional photographer, at work. Here he is taking light meter readings before shooting Terry. I love that Nick shoots on film.

Nick and Takuhito, delightful gents

Documenting how Terry sets washers and snaps.

Checking Polaroids of me. I’m posing in front of a Quonset hut.

I endorse Takuhito’s twin pack approach to rucksack portage. Nicole, AC Production Manager, dodging the camera in background.

Archival heirlooms: Mamiya 645, Domke canvas camera bag and Kodak 120 Portra film.

Nick’s back up rig – an Olympus Stylus point and shoot. I like his Makr carry pouch.

Prepping Rucksacks for their close ups

Update: Archival Duffel in Olive

February 22nd, 2012

In the next week, we will be releasing a few new colors of our popular Archival Duffel. Here’s a preview of the new duffel in olive. The Archival Duffel is constructed from the highest quality materials: sturdy #8 cotton duck (18 oz), Horween leather, YKK zippers, and thread are of US origin. Webbing and most of our solid brass hardware is sourced from the UK. Edges are bound in waxed cotton tape and all stress points are bar-tacked or riveted. Meets TSA carry-on limits.

Olive duffel in situ at Inspiration Vol 03 in So. Cal

Shopping from ebay: Alden surgical boots

February 20th, 2012

Of all the Alden models, the surgical or monkey style boot style is my favorite. Sold as part of Alden’s line of medical footwear, these boots are overshadowed by their more popular work boot brethern (aka the Indy boot).

Truth be told, I’ve never seen the Alden surgical boots in person. I just like how they photograph. Here are some handsome looking deadstock pairs from Japan:

I love how they resemble vintage, high top, lace to toe athletic shoes from the 1920s:

Alden surgical boots are difficult to source. Alden has stopped customizing shoes for individual customers. Here’s a rare ebay auction for a pair in size 6. Part of my Archival project is to sift and capture more ebay photos of archival finds (per Reference library‘s “items I did not buy”). I love the random backdrops (bed sheets!) and attempts at Muybridge scientific documentation that appear in auctions for personal artifacts. This is a good example:

Archival Update: Canvas Duck Rucksacks

February 16th, 2012

We’re releasing our Canvas Duck Rucksack in new colors including black, navy and olive.

Archival family of bags




While we do love our waxed cotton twill, we introduced an unwaxed version of our Archival Rucksack as a more affordable alternative. These rucksacks are made of a sturdy #8 cotton duck (18 ounce). Aside from the change in fabric, these are identical to our classic Waxed Twill Rucksacks made in our Springfield, Oregon workshop.

Archival Storefront

February 16th, 2012

We often get emails about whether Archival has a retail store in Eugene, Oregon (our hometown). While we do have a commercial building in Eugene, it’s primarily used as a warehouse and shipping center. If you make an appointment (via, we’d be happy to show you our wares in person.

If we did have a flagship Archival store, it might look like this:

New Release: Archival Plain Waxed Jacket

February 7th, 2012

Our first piece of outerwear, the Archival Plain Waxed Jacket is meant to be a reliable, comfortable outer shell to ward off rain and wind. Ideal for walkers, cyclists, fishermen, sailors, and anyone else who loves being outside in all weather. The Plain Waxed Jacket is unlined, with raglan sleeves and two welted handwarmer pockets. Cut just below the waist. Made of a waxed cotton/nylon fabric that’s both durable and lightweight. Collar, cuffs, and pockets are lined in soft wool flannel. Cuffs and back adjust with a snap, and a stout two-way brass zipper is backed with a storm flap to keep out the drafts. Fully finished inside and out, using felled seams and twill tape, this jacket is built well to last long. Available in navy.

Fully finished inside and out

Stout, two way brass. zipper backed with a storm flap

Wool flannel lined cuffs, pockets and collar