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Update – Archival Pocket Tees

April 27th, 2012

For Spring/Summer, we’re releasing new archival tees with contrasting, color block pockets. Like our new striped and solid tees, the pocket tees are made of soft 7 oz cotton jersey, with chain-stitched neck tape, cover-stitched collar seam and double needle sewn hem.

For folks who prefer to go pocketless, here’s our custom knit, natural/red/navy stripe jersey tee.

Archival Centaurs

April 24th, 2012

It’s rare to find archival images of “ardent,” female polo enthusiasts. I don’t know much about this historic match but I do admire the lady player’s classic causal sporting garb.

My favorite ensembles: slouchy cotton pullovers, soft collared polo shirts, wide flared jodphurs, boots and wide leather ring belts. Pony as low maintenance, offscreen accessory.

It’s striking to see match action w/out corporate tents and fashionable onlookers in the background.

From the archives – Bottle Green Rucksack

April 20th, 2012
While we cannot shop from the past we can still recycle materials from our fabric vendor’s archives. For a limited time, we’re featuring Archival Rucksacks made from deadstock bottle green canvas duck. The fabric, over twenty five years old, comes to us from an orphan warehouse stash that was lost to time. It is the same sturdy, high quality duck we source for our stock canvas rucksacks but the material surface of the fabric (like a nice barrel aged spirit) has been slightly mellowed, and transformed, by time.

Archival Rucksack in deadstock bottle green canvas duck

We’re happy to note that due to the popular response to our Archival Rucksacks in bottle green, the fabric manufacturer will be making this shade of green again in their commercial grade fabric. Here’s your chance to secure a bag made from the original source material.

Archival Illustration – Huge Magazine

April 18th, 2012

A few months back, the gents from Huge magazine visited Archival to photograph (on film!) our bags for a feature on Oregon manufacturers. We haven’t seen the final print publication but our Huge contact, Takuhito K, just posted this preview of the new magazine cover by Illustrator Claudia Pearson. I love seeing all these rugged, made in USA goods rendered as larky line drawings and watercolors. It reminds me of the work of another favorite Archival Illustrator – and Brooklyn denizen –Ryan Blomberg, creator of our original Archival blog banner:

Archival Find – Hunting World Jacket

April 17th, 2012
Superwax Forester Jacket in Hunting World catalog

Tom’s report: I love thrifting because there’s no common denominator of quality like you see at fancy vintage stores or high end (and high priced) flea markets. Usually when I go through the outerwear at the thrift stores in Eugene, it’s just a fuzzy cake of cheap polar fleece. But when I was in town last month, a sliver of hunter green caught my eye between the day-glo layers, and I pulled out a immaculate condition Hunting World jacket.

Though the jacket looks waxy, it’s actually made with a 60/40 fabric treated with a polyamid finish.

Both collar and cuffs are lined in best quality corduroy.

Raglan sleeve construction – ostensibly for freedom of movement in the field.

Deep bellows pockets. Not wild about the velcro, although I admit to liking the elastic gathering.

Heavy duty, two way YKK zipper.

Partial wool lining with internal drip strip (ala Barbour Bedale).

If you like this jacket here’s your chance to bid on a size medium Forester via ebay. And what a price!

Shopping from ebay : Brooks-Veriwide

April 13th, 2012

Here’s your chance to bid on a Brooks-Veriwide, one of my favorite, medium format, panoramic cameras. Manufactured in Japan under license from Graflex, the Veriwide takes stunning, wide angle, 6 x 9 images. Even though I’ve moved to near all digital photography, I still shop for these older, rare bird cameras via ebay. I dream of the day that affordable digital backs or iPhone mounts become available for classic camera. For now, I’ll capture and record images of the Veriwide itself so we can appreciate what we’re missing:

Earlier, Brooks Plaubel Veriwide 100. A more elegant, compact version of the Brooks Veriwide.

Visit the Brooks-Veriwide pool on flickr to see photographs taken with this amazing camera.

Archival Field Trip – Alex Singer (Paris)

April 11th, 2012
Alex Singer shop in Paris, France

Outside the Alex Singer shop in Paris, France

Gabe and Sara outside the Alex Singer shop

Last August, post Paris-Brest-Paris, we had the pleasure of visiting the Alex Singer shop on 53, Rue de Victor Hugo, in northwest Paris. The historic Singer shop has a reputation for producing some of the most stunning, steel cyclo-tourist and racing bikes in the world. Visiting the Alex Singer is like shopping from the past. Vintage and modern bikes share the same floor space. A side showroom is filled with deadstock cycling shoes and wool jerseys – all in their original packaging. Since I’m set for bikes, I limited my purchases to a few Alex Singer caps and a fetching leather style pouch. Here are some snap views to round out my report:

Gilles Berthoud bags in Alex Singer shop

Gilles Berthoud bags in Alex Singer shop

Gilles Berthoud bags on display

Alex Singer porteur bike

Alex Singer porteur bike

The Singer shop porteur – my all time favorite

Love both the custom Singer front rack and shop floor tile

Bill A documenting a bike bound for Paris show

Leather cycling shoes in Alex Singer shop

Leather cycling shoes in Alex Singer shop

Catch and release leather cycling shoes

Alex Singer bicycles in the shop

Alex Singer bicycles in the shop

Alex Singer cycling cap

Alex Singer bicycles in the shop

Shopping from the ceiling

Archival Recreation: Tennis

April 9th, 2012

Yes, we’re most fond of cycling and hiking here at Archival, but we (almost) all love tennis, too. I waved a racquet around for an hour this morning on the last day of open tennis in New York (as of tomorrow, you need a $200 permit). I had to shop from my hiking wardrobe, but I was mentally wearing a more complete outfit from the past.

Making tennis balls

Update – Archival Scarves and Tees

April 6th, 2012

We’re releasing Archival cotton jersey scarves and tees in new colors for Spring/Summer.

Our shirts are made of soft 7 oz cotton jersey, with chain-stitched neck tape, cover-stitched collar seam, double needle sewn hem and perfect fit – slim, not tight.

Crafted from the same cotton jersey as our Archival tees, the Archival scarves feature double turned edges, bar tacked at each of the corners.

Color notes: the new natural/red/navy stripe jersey was custom knit for Archival. It’s my new favorite colorway. And digital display does not do justice to the vibrancy of the new red tee which was produced from deadstock fabric from factory archives.

Made in Portland, Oregon

Indoor layering at the Portland Art Museum