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Shopping from the past – Momovelo

December 22nd, 2013

Aside from my Montgomery Ward catalogs, my principal portal to shopping from the past is the internet archive’s Wayback Machine. Lately, I’ve been browsing the web pages of Momovelo, a favorite, early oughts mail order bike company out of SF. Momovelo was known for their sleek, custom city bikes. Most of the Momo bikes were designed with front racks, swept back bars and leather Brooks saddles.  Most of the bikes show a heavy debt to Rivendell Bicycle Works.  While I never bought a bike from Momo, I did catch and release a number of curated accessories including  Swedish snow goggles, a 100 % wool  Royal Mail sweater and  a Dutch vinyl game bags.   Here is a time capsule view of what you forgot to buy in June 2004.

   Momovelocheese1_760 cheese2_760 cheese3_760




Release – Archival Dot Kerchiefs

December 17th, 2013

 Kerchief_Red__Navy_Print_Detail_F18We’re very pleased to release our first Archival brand kerchief, since we consider a good handkerchief an everyday necessity. Use them for blowing your nose, wiping your hands, a fine furoshiki, tying things together, or just tying around your neck. Ours are a touch larger than usual, made of an excellent linen-cotton (LiCo? CoLin?) that is durable, absorbent, and quick-drying. We use a traditional sewn hem, as opposed to modern kerchiefs which often simply serge the raw edge.

The process: We source undyed linen-cotton, have it cut and sewn into blanks, have the blanks dyed, then have the dyed blanks printed. output_1LJh69We do recommend washing your kerchief once before use to even out the printed pattern, which will feel a touch rough when unwashed.

Archival Review – Tradlands Shirting

December 12th, 2013

Finding heritage shirting for women is a battle. While gents can freely source classic, made in USA shirts in beautiful chambrays, ginghams and linens, women are limited to a tiny list of brands and stockists. In the past, I purchased my heritage shirting from Nepenthes in NYC or Taylor Stitch in SF. Now, we’re starting to see shirting companies like Gitman and Chimala offering expanded lines for women. Jcrew offers a few options under the unfortunate “boyfriend” moniker. Too bad the shirts are made overseas from less than durable fabrics.  Enter Tradlands, a company out of the SF area dedicated to manufacturing stylish, made in SF shirting for women. I asked Tradlands to send me one of their chambray shirts, the Clement street, for review. I’m drawn to the Tradlands shirts because they are well made and simply styled – no pleats, hour glass panels or gratuitously feminizing details. The shirt that was shipped to me was made in a lovely blue, lightweight chambray that was flecked with color.   Here are some snaps for review:






Shop Analog

December 9th, 2013

We’ve run through our cycle of cyber holidays so I’m pitching a new one for my own benefit and amusement: Shop Analog.  I’m hoping for a 2014 launch.  In prep, I’ve assembled a  wishlist of stylish, practical, lo fit items that will be in use  long after the holidays have disappeared from view.


 Snow Peak Double Ti H450 Mug


Emil Dickinson: The Gorgeous Nothings


Califone Cassette Player


Walkure Bayreuth Porcelain Pourover Set


Tru-Nord Compass


Kaweco Ice Sport Clutch Mechanical Pencil


Valet Box


Bobby Short Lps


Military Sewing Kit

Expedition flagAlpine Club Climbing Expedition Pennant

Alert – Archival Kerchiefs

December 5th, 2013

Over the years we’ve been posting on our favorite kerchief projects. We originally declared our admiration for discharge printed kerchiefs sourced via ebay, thrifts and Japanese web shops. Two years ago, I discovered Cornell University’s collection of political american kerchiefs. Our current kerchief favorite is the wave kerchief made by our Archival friends and stockist, General Quarters.  Stay tuned for a new Archival kerchief launch coming soon. Here is an evidential visual of Tom transporting the new Archival Kerchiefs by way of packboard and his custom Coho city bike.

Announcement – Fuse Denver Holiday Market

November 30th, 2013

Archival fans in the Denver, Colorado, area should come by our booth at the Fuse Denver Holiday Market. Archival co-founder, Lynn McInnes, will be on hand to show products and field questions about the brand. The holiday market itself features made in America arts, crafts, products and libations.  Fuse Denver takes place on December 1st from 11-5 at the Exdo Hall.  Come by and say hello!

Archival on Reddit AMA

November 27th, 2013

Last week, Archival Design Director  Tom Bonamici  participated in an open Q & A session with readers of Male Fashion Advice reddit. Tom responded to a rapid fire of list of questions about the Archival  product line, fit philosophy and company origins.   If you missed reddit session, you can read the transcript and add comments here.   Thanks to everyone who participated and feel free to send along follow up questions to