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Restock – Archival Leather Goods

September 30th, 2013

We are fully stocked with best quality leather goods from our friend Nicholas Hollows of Minneapolis based, Hollows Leather. We love Hollows leather goods for their simple, sturdy designs. All products are handmade from our favorite Archival materials: American tanned leather, solid brass hardware and waxed thread. See our web shop for recent arrives including our Key Chain, Leather Cuff, Leather Belt and Flap Wallet.

From the archives – Freshman Dinks

September 26th, 2013

From the Florida Memory Archives, here is a great snap of two FSU Freshman wearing their Freshman beanies.  In the 1930s and 40s, college Freshman were often required to wear beanies or “dinks”  during their first term on campus.  After WWII, the tradition largely died out although you can still find archival images of Freshman in the 1960s sporting dinks.  One Polytechnic archives reported that students in 1967 held a beanie burning ceremony.  As a form of hazing, dink wear seems relatively benign.  I’d love to see this style of short brimmed, low crown cap return to campus as some kind of mandatory Freshman garb.


UW – River Falls sporting dinks and sandals in the 1960s


Beanie/Freshman hazing dink from Wheaton college


Cornell Dink


EKU students in Dinks and loafers in 1963


Late for Class? (A Freshman Rush).  Comic postcard from 1906 via George Wahr

Shopping from ebay – Decks by Cambridge

September 25th, 2013

In my quest to source a pair of classic, canvas, vulcanized rubber sneakers I stumbled across this vintage pair of Decks by Cambridge on ebay.  I love the nautical rope and wave logo work on the insoles and the great “Tred-Light” tag on the back of the shoes.  Is there really a way to improve on such a classic design save for making these available again in sizes for both men and women?  I’d buy ten pairs and be set for shoes for life.
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Release – Archival Sweatshirt in charcoal

September 23rd, 2013

We are now offering our classic Archival sweatshirt in charcoal.  Models available for both men and women.  Made of a stout 80 oz cotton loop back French Terry with a rib v insert at the neck.  This is a great layering piece for the Fall.  Fit is on the slim side of regular. Made in Oregon by a great partner who has been manufacturing sturdy cotton garments since 1921.   Free shipping on domestic sweatshirt orders. Shop for the gents version here.    Shop for the women’s version here

charcoalgentsVersion for gents

charcoalwomenVersion for women


Shopping from the present – Northerngrade Richmond

September 17th, 2013

If you’re in the environs of Richmond, Virginia, this weekend, drop by and visit Archival at NorthernGRADE, a 100% made in USA, menswear pop up market. Archival stockist Need Supply, will be hosting the event at Haxall Point, a former  hydroelectric generating plant.  Archival Design Director, Tom Bonamici, will be showing a selection of bags and small goods.

Shopping from the present – Heritage Dry Goods

September 11th, 2013

Eugene, Oregon is the home base for Archival Clothing. We’ve been shipping bags worldwide since 2010. However, we have never had a formal brick and mortar store for showcasing bags to local customers.  All that has changed with the opening of Heritage Dry Goods, a new retail store focusing on American made goods.  Nicole Gillson, owner of Heritage, has stocked her shop with many products from her home state of Minnesota including Faribault blankets, Red Wing Pottery, Leather Goods and Tru-Nord compasses and Leather Works Minnesota leather goods.  Archival goods are also well represented in the shop.  At the moment, Heritage carries our Archival Rucksack, Archival Field Bag, Archival Flap Musette and Zip Pouches.  Heritage shares a retail space with Plume Red, a shop focusing on European gifts, apothecary, housewares and jewelery.  Plume is your new, go to Eugene source for Opinel knives (an Archival favorite).   Here a few snaps from my recent visit to Heritage/Plume:

Heritage copyNicole Gillson, owner of Heritage Dry Goods

Heritage-44 copyArchival Rucksacks in cotton duck

Heritage-29 copyTru-Nord Compass (only compass still made in America)

Heritage-10 copyFaribault Blankets

Heritage-42 copySmall Archival Field Bag

Heritage-27 copy
Toothpick holder by Minnesota Leather Goods

Heritage-19 copyRed Wing Pottery.  I’m obsessed with the mugs.

Heritage-20 copyOpinel Mushroom Knife

Heritage-32 copy

Heritage-36 copyArchival Zip Pouches

Heritage-47 copyVintage print ephemera

Heritage-51 copyArchival Trail Caps and Web Belts

Heritage-53 copyVintage American Field wool knickers

Heritage-5 copy

Heritage-52 copyPlume Red owner, Cindy Matherly, and Nicole

Archival Field Trip – London (PT 1)

September 9th, 2013

Last month, I traveled to the UK to ride the 1400k randonnee, London-Edingburgh-London. I survived the ride but couldn’t really tell you what I remember. After pedaling for 4.5 days on about 8 hours of sleep (total) I recorded and erased most of the experience. I did manage to take a few snaps of the trip with my phone and loaner point and shoot. These are a few my “before” photos from the days leading up to LEL.  In next few weeks, I’ll post my post-trip field trip notes from my visits to a few of my favorite London shops.



UK arrival – assembling my Vanilla in the courtyard of the Snaresbrook Travelodge


En route to city center to repair on an out of true wheel.  Lots of guest appearances by Brompton folders on this trip.




I wish we had had more time to chat with Ninon, owner of the amazing, Bicycle Workshop.  Like all my favorite shops. BW focuses on repairing utility bikes but harbors a hidden inventory of vintage parts and deadstock bits.  Ninon was the only person on my trip who remembered Hebden Cord, the now defunct UK clothing company that used to manufacture bespoke cycling shorts.



We spent a pleasant hour at Book & Kitchen, a neighboring bookstore.


Loved the UK only VW California camper van.  Integrated bike rack on the back


Riding partner, Susan O, and her retrued wheel outside Royal Albert Hall

New Release – Archival Key Chain

September 5th, 2013

Our new Archival Key Chain is simple and sturdy, made with our  favorite materials, leather and brass, for long, durable use.  The brass stud and leather closure attaches the key chain easily to your belt or your bag. The brass hardware allows you to unclip your keys easily from the rest for quick access.

American-tanned leather, handmade just for us by Nicholas Hollows in Minneapolis, MN.  To place an order order or browse other leather goods, visit our Archival web shop.
key_chain_trio_1024x1024  hollow_s_shot2_1024x1024

Shopping from ebay – Bob Jackson Musettes

September 2nd, 2013

Ok.  I love our  cotton duck, Archival Musettes.  They were designed as functional, more durable iterations of the classic pro peleton musette.  Though I own a lifetime supply of musettes, I still shop for novelty models on ebay.  Here are some great looking, Bob Jackson & Jack Taylor branded musettes via this ebay seller.  I still dream of pedaling through my next Paris Brest Paris on a made in UK, Jack Taylor frame.  Perhaps I need a matching musette to go with my 2015 ensemble.  For reference, Flickr contact Hudsonic owns an exemplary Jack Taylor.
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