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Review – Cedar Cycling Standard Jersey

April 22nd, 2014

In the last ten years, wool cycling jerseys have become widely available in a variety styles from classic retro reissues to microlight, itch free performance merinos. I prefer my cycling jerseys to be made from a thick wool and resemble designs which date back to the 1920s (interchangeable with shirts designed for camping, tennis or golf). Something like this:

As a female cyclist, however, it is still semi challenging to source a quality jersey that is not simply a unisex version of a gent’s model. Ibex, for example, makes nice, lightweight wool cycling jerseys but succumb to the idea that women want cap sleeves and contrasting color panels (often in pastels or apple greens).  I’m currently field testing the new Standard Cycling Jersey  by Cedar Cycling.  A version for gents is also available. This made in California jersey was designed and patterned with the input of a number of local cyclists.

I’ve been testing out the Cedar Cycling jersey on early season randonneuring events (aka “brevets”). The three features that I like most are the the full length zipper, reinforced pocketing and bright red color. Unlike most jerseys, the wool-nylon blend fabric is on the thick side making it fine for cold weather use when paired with wool arm warmers and a wind vest. I can also imagine wearing this jersey in the heat of August thanks to the extra wicking power and breathability of the fabric.
On the flip side, while I like how wool nylon blend provides extra durability and helps the garment keep its shape, and wicks moisture, I would like to see the wool content increased in this jersey. On longer, rainy rides (on Saturday I was riding a 300k) the jersey started to feel a little clammy against my skin after 8 hours in the saddle.  By comparison, even when wet, 100% wool jerseys keep me warm.
This jersey has some of the best pocketing I’ve ever seen on a jersey for women. All the pockets are double stitched and reinforced.  And unlike most jerseys for women, this one comes with three rather than two slots. On my all other jerseys, pockets are the first thing to fail. I don’t think that will be happening with the Cedar Cycling jersey.
Now, I just need Cedar Cycling to final a local source for chainstitched lettering so I can add the Oregon Randonneurs logo to the front of my jersey.

From the archives – WWII knitting patterns

April 17th, 2014

During WWII, citizens in the US and UK were encouraged to knit garments for servicemen.  Trolling ebay, I found a sampling of the many patterns for sweaters, mitts, mufflers and socks.  The patterns are timelessly stylish and worthy of reissue.  I’m especially fond of the service cardigan and the marksman’s gloves (which would be perfect for cyclo-commuting).  If you wish to complete your own WWII ensemble, nab one of these ebay patterns or order one from HJS Studio Patterns or the extraordinary  Vintage Knitting Lady.






Release – Archival Shoulder Tote

April 15th, 2014

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest tote – the Archival Shoulder Tote.  This new model is easily worn over the shoulder by its handles or by the removable, easily adjusted shoulder strap. Made from remarkably sturdy, waxed twill which practically stands up on its own. The bag also comes in a dry finish, lighterweight canvas duck canvas. The bag’s leather handles are securely sewn and riveted into the top hem.  Spacious main compartment, two pockets inside, two pockets outside. The team here and friends who tested it, are already enamored with this bag, using it for everything from canoe trips to bike commuting.  For more information, see the Archival Web Shop.

Shoulder Tote Twill Navy Angle2
Shoulder Tote Duck Cinnamon Front-1
Shoulder Tote Natural Crop

Now available for pre-order: Archival Hoodie in Navy

April 9th, 2014

We’re pleased to offer another wonderful lightweight sweatshirt, this one with a hood. Made of a stout 8-9 oz cotton loop-back French Terry. Features a raglan cut for comfort and a double layer hood for extra warmth. We are confident that this is an ideal layer for year-round use. Made in Oregon by a great manufacturing partner who has been making sturdy cotton garments since 1921. We are now accepting pre-orders for a navy version of our popular gray hoodie.   For more information, visit the Archival Web Shop. Gray Hoodies available here.

Hoodie Navy F11 copy

Archival Hoodie now available in navy


Our Hoodie is also available in classic gray

From the archives – Marine Corps Basketball

April 7th, 2014

Thanks to the Marine Corps Archives and Special Collections for these historic photographs of Marine Corps basketball teams. While I know very little about the game of basketball I do admire the wool pullovers, wide legged sweats, canvas sneakers and tailored shorts sported by the men’s and women’s teams.  Bonus points the gents who completed their outfit with shawl collar cardigans or heavy wool overcoats (future trend alert: greatcoats over shorts).   Like the best athletic garb from the past, the uniforms worn by the Marine Corps teams (sans logos) could stand in as everyday clothing rather than sports specific gear.  If you are looking to equip your own team, see my 2011 post on vintage basketball equipment and gym equipment.


New Release – Archival Bucket Hat

April 3rd, 2014

Archival is pleased to announce the release of our new, four panel bucket hat.  Drawing inspiration from historic bucket hat examples, we designed ours for warmer weather using a breathable and lightweight linen/cotton fabric.  The Archival Bucket Hat is perfect for hiking, tennis or strolling to work.  Available in navy and natural. For more information, please visit the Archival Web Shop.
 Bucket Hat Navy-4
Bucket Hat Styled Natural
Archival Bucket Hat navy Reverse 16
Archival Bucket Hat Navy
Archival Bucket Hat Tan Reverse 18
Archival Bucket Hat Tan

Update – Archival Wide Web Belts in three colorways

April 1st, 2014

We love our mil-spec cotton webbing so much that we use it for our ring belts. The dense, stout weave becomes more supple with use, without ever becoming flimsy.  We now offer our Archival Wide Web Belt in three colorways: navy, tan and olive.  This is a simple, wide double-ring belt, made from 1.5″ wide webbing with two solid brass rings, and a Horween leather tab securing the end. Our signature red bar-tack finishes the belt. Made by the same folks who sew our bags in Oregon.  For more information on Archival belts in leather and cotton web, please visit the Archival Web Shop.
Shawl Collar Cardigan Navy

Belt Combo