Archival Baggage III

Nick’s Basket Bag
Originally uploaded by peng1

Friend Erin recently purchased a “basket bag” from Portland messenger bag maker Lemolo.

Erin’s version comes with detachable shoulder straps and is designed to buckle directly into into a Wald basket. Since so many people seem to be adopting the rear Wald basket (w/accessory basket net) for daily commuting, the Lemolo basket bag promises to bring a new civilizing element to this form of baggage transport (especially for winter commuting). Erin’s main critique would be that the bag lacks internal pocketing. Personally, I’d love to see a version of the bag made out of waxed cotton for better longterm durability and weather resistance.

Lemolo is not taking custom orders at this time but I highly recommend ordering a basket bag (or backpack) once they come back online in a few weeks.

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