Archival News: Filson Seconds Sale 2009

Although the Filson Cruising shirts and coats from 1921 have sold out, you can still shop for good quality Filson items at the 2009 Seconds Sale.

Here’s what I know:

The public sale is open from 9:00 AM – 3:00PM Sunday October 25th. The sale will be held at Filson’s 3851 1st Ave S Seattle WA, 98134 address.

I’ve heard from Seconds Sale veterans that the event requires an early a.m. arrival and full combat readiness. Since I’ll be in Chicago on that day, I’ll be shopping for my own future Filson seconds via ebay where most of the items eventually migrate (look for the black slash across your garment tag).

If you do go, post photos and reports (I’ve yet to see a live action view of this event).

Good sport and good luck!

In the end, I think I prefer refab Filson to factory seconds.

4 thoughts on “Archival News: Filson Seconds Sale 2009”

  1. Um, not quite. The crowd is 95% redneck hailing from the backwoods of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
    The shoppers aren’t really impressive in any way…

  2. Some odd folks but all in all most were very nice. The lines were long but not out of hand. A nice chance to score a few things.

  3. Anonymous, (#1) do you have any inkling of an idea who built that company? Those that you look down your nose at…the rednecks as you refer to them, have floated this company for years. Paying more for this workwear (yes I said it…workwear probably something you have no REAL use for) because of the real quality that is still produced here in the U.S.!
    I buy first quality Filson buy the way, and Danner WORK boots, but I digress!

    By the way, I have been to many of these sales, with a friend that goes to all of them, and yes all of the people there are super nice! Even the one you talk down about!

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