Archival Weekend

Friends Sarah and Fern came down to Eugene for some dental work and to share archival media. For them, I endured Eugene’s version of sushi (cream cheese, mushrooms and cashews wrapped in seaweed). In retaliation, I screened a night of Bette Davis material (Now, Voyager and her interview with Dick Cavett). Saturday morning, we gathered w/friends at Hideaway bakery and than took Chaz for a session at Wayne Morse dog park. The Amtrak train-bus back to Portland left before we had a chance to go skateboarding or catch up on recent Dolly Parton recordings. Dr. Jaquith, the Claude Raines therapist in Now, Voyager, could not have prescribed a better cure for our Oregon, mid-winter malaise.

As homework for the weekend, we all watched I’ve Loved You So Long (Claudel 2008) at our respective local cinemas. I highly recommend this film, beyond the plot/story, and brilliant acting, for Kristin Scott Thomas’ chic, just-released-from prison wardrobe and (foremost!) for the amazing, French (muncipal?) swimming pool and ceiling-mounted, hair drying system.

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  1. It’s a Billy Kirk model sold by Winn Perry in Portland, Oregon (some still available, I believe). Winn Perry is a menswear shop but the bag is owned by a lady. Not sure the model is still in production by Billy Kirk (?) but it’s really quite ideal–leather handles/shoulders with a sturdy, waxed cotton body. I’d like to see models in different color leathers.

    Filson totes have that same gender neutral functionality, I think.

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