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While I prefer to shop from the past, one of my favorite modern brands is Arpenteur. Based out of Lyon, France, Arpenteur makes simply styled, sturdy, heritage inspired clothing in wools and cottons. While the Arpenteur line is rooted in traditional French workwear, the cuts are slim and the overall look is very clean and contemporary. The basic line includes work jackets, knits and trousers. I was lucky enough to meet with the founders of Arpenteur at the recent (capsule) show in New York. I was impressed by the brand’s attention to  detail from their selection of regional fabrics to their unique, Herge inspired logo work.  Here are some snaps from the show.
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  1. I live in Paris so have been able to handle Arpenteur (and Bleu de Paname, another workwear inspired French brand). Very, very nice, but perhaps too “continental” for Americans. You should check out Le Laboreur if you want “real” workwear — also Vetra but I fear they have been discovered by the fashion set. Anyway, Arpenteur and BdP are tres cher, malheuresement.

    This is a great old-school workwear source, pardon the primitive web site. The store is Tout Pour L’Ouvrier, or Everything for the Worker. They are in Picardy. I have bought a number of interesting items from them at a very fair price.


    Actual French workwear is very technical — most blue-collar workers here wear nylon pants with cordura knee and seat reinforcements. A few of the old guys still wear the blue workers’ coats, but not many. You don’t see any Carhartt type stuff here. Something else worth seeking out are the small leather toolbags that plumbers etc. carry. You can get them for about $35 — maybe you could find a source to stock at Archival!

    1. Peter – Thanks for your notes. I visiting Paris a few years back and got the chance to see some of the brands you mention: Bleu de Paname and Le Laboureur. I’m less familiar with Vetra but I see that Jcrew is selling this brand which confirms your fear about it appealing to the fashion set. I’m also a huge fan of old school french workwear. Many years ago I shopped at a small French workwear clothing store.. and purchased a few child sized jackets. The problem for me is that it is difficult to source these items in smaller sizes that work for women. Hickorees in the US used to import vintage French blue worker’s coats.. via ebay sales. Let me know if you make some new discoveries! Jealous of your Paris locus!

  2. Hi — I am a clothing nerd, bow-tie enthusiast, author and writer-about-clothing (largely for a shirt company named Thomas Dean), and I just wanted to say i’ve recently discovered your brand and am intrigued. I design all my own sport coats, choosing the cloth, etc. Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of your long-sleeved pocket T’s through Drake’s. Best of luck to you!

    1. Brian – thank you for your kind words. As it were, we are no longer making those tees so if you have found a place that still sells them, I would say: go for it! Best of luck to you.


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