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Filson Italy People

This Fall, the Filson catalog rolled out a steady stream of gents (and a few women) jumping snowmobiles, fighting fires and toying with chainsaws (a far remove from the old glass plate snaps of early 20th century Filson-garbed lumberjacks posing beside an almost apologetic axe gash). Tech fabrics are now actively mixing it up with …

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Shopping From The Present

Alden Ceiling?

I’m fascinated by our industry’s capacity to reinvent and shower admiration on the lowly Alden Indy boot. I don’t think there is a boot that photographs better as a standalone, superlative object (minus feet, torso or a perfectly posed, denim clad user). I love the current tweaks carried out by Standard & Strange on their …

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New A/W releases: Bshop inc.

In 2019, it’s hard for me to get excited about fall product releases. So many of my favorite heritage brands (and shops) have either disappeared or morphed beyond recognition (releasing so may products, collaborations and must-haves that it is nearly impossible to locate items from their core lines)(suddenly: brass match holders and Bison hair drink …

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