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“Origin is Everything”: Rin Project Cycling Sweaters

February 12th, 2019

Each refresh of the Japanese cycling outfitter Rin Project site reveals a new product obsession: wool cycling sweaters, retro hairnets, knicker hose, mod coats, leather cycling shoes and Brompton compatible shoulder satchels.

My top Rin Project product pick is this cycling pullover with retro-inspired front carrying pockets and wool sourced from the UK. It reminds me of the derby tweed sweaters that Rivendell Bicycle Works used to make in the 1990s.

This is the sweater to wear during your recreation of the Tyneside endurance test.

Archival Finds – July Edition

July 17th, 2016



Long ago, Hunting World used to sell canvas caps and hats manufactured by a traditional French hunting clothing company. I haven’t seen one on the market for many years so it was nice to find an Explora in very fine cotton gabardine show up on eBay last week.  I nabbed it for mid-summer  kayaking or hiking trips. The chin strap on this one is missing  so I’m going to have to wildcraft a replacement.


Screenshot 2016-07-10 07.44.46

More French stuff. Orcival, my go to brand for sturdy nautical tops, offered this interesting variation in linen. I found this example on one of the many Rakuten sites for overseas shoppers now listing vintage and used clothing.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 02.22.52

Screenshot 2016-07-10 02.23.07

I was thrilled to see that Private White V.C. is now offering a version of their Goodwood Racing Worksuit for women. I’m not wild about the body shaping princess panels that always seem to  show up on heritage items offered for women (see Filson, Barbour and Belstaff). However, I love the idea of wearing this ensemble as a less dressy alternative to the summer linen suit.


Screenshot 2016-07-10 02.37.27

Brady is now making of use of cork for their main line of fishing and game bags. Not sure how well cork would hold up to wintery bike commutes in Oregon but I’d love to give it a try. I wish we had made up a special Archival Musette model in this material.


I’m happy to see so many vintage Gokey handsewns popping up on eBay. My fave model at the moment.  I love Quoddy and Rancourt but I have a soft spot for original Saint Paul made Gokey camp mocs, lace ups and ankle boots. If you are a sizing outlier like myself (men’s 6d), you can pick up some pretty unique models on the used market, preferably a pair with  gro-cord soles:


Shopping from the past – Momovelo

December 22nd, 2013

Aside from my Montgomery Ward catalogs, my principal portal to shopping from the past is the internet archive’s Wayback Machine. Lately, I’ve been browsing the web pages of Momovelo, a favorite, early oughts mail order bike company out of SF. Momovelo was known for their sleek, custom city bikes. Most of the Momo bikes were designed with front racks, swept back bars and leather Brooks saddles.  Most of the bikes show a heavy debt to Rivendell Bicycle Works.  While I never bought a bike from Momo, I did catch and release a number of curated accessories including  Swedish snow goggles, a 100 % wool  Royal Mail sweater and  a Dutch vinyl game bags.   Here is a time capsule view of what you forgot to buy in June 2004.

   Momovelocheese1_760 cheese2_760 cheese3_760




Limited run: Waxed Cotton Crescent Down Works Vests

October 21st, 2013

Wax vests on body navy-6
Our super popular vests from last year have returned. We’re so proud to be offering these superlative layers, built in Seattle by our pals at Crescent Down Works. This is a remarkably well made and delightful garment, sure to be a friend and ally for many years and adventures to come. Available now in our webstore, in extremely limited quantities, in either navy or olive.
Wax vests on body navy-5-2
Features include:
– Waxed cotton/nylon shell for excellent durability and water resistance
– Worsted wool knit collar, custom knit for us by Centralia Knitting Mills
– A brass, US-made two way zipper.
– Japanese brass snaps reinforced with Horween leather washers, just like on our bags.
– Light weight red nylon lining for easy layering
– Two outside handwarmer pockets
– Single inside chest pocket
– Elasticized section in bottom hem keeps out drafts
Wax vests on body navy-20

Release – Archival Wool Cap

October 7th, 2013



We just released a new Archival Wool Cap made for us in New York by Ideal Cap Co.  If you are a longtime reader of the AC blog, you may remember my Cooperstown Cap Co lament.  In 2010, Cooperstown announced their closure.  At the time, Cooperstown was one of the few US companies producing replica, all wool ball caps.  For reference, Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. manufactured custom caps for historical teams and individuals. One could order a cap in any historical style or in any combination of styles, logos or colors. The illustrated Cooperstown catalogs featured examples of nearly every known historical baseball team including company teams, military teams and even a hat from the Eastern Washington Hospital for the Mentally Insane. All caps were handmade from 13 oz. athletic flannel, horsehide leather bands and highest grade peak stiffeners. Whenever possible, caps were sewn on original machines in Cooperstown, NY.

Cooperstown is now back in business under the Ideal Cap Co. moniker.  To celebrate, we are now releasing  a new batch of 6-panel Archival Wool Caps from Ideal.  Sewn out of substantial navy wool flannel with an adjustable leather strap in back. Our cap features a soft leather sweatband, a traditional kelly green under brim to reduce glare and canvas backing on front two panels. All panels are fully taped inside for a clean finish. Embroidered with our classic Archival Clothing initials in red.   For more details, visit our Archival Web Shop.

Restock – Archival Leather Goods

September 30th, 2013

We are fully stocked with best quality leather goods from our friend Nicholas Hollows of Minneapolis based, Hollows Leather. We love Hollows leather goods for their simple, sturdy designs. All products are handmade from our favorite Archival materials: American tanned leather, solid brass hardware and waxed thread. See our web shop for recent arrives including our Key Chain, Leather Cuff, Leather Belt and Flap Wallet.