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Crescent Down Works Revisited

It’s June so naturally I’m shopping for a new down vest. In the past few years, I’ve gotten sidetracked by Rocky Mountain Featherbed and Western Mountaineering. But this summer, I’m checking back in on an old friend, Crescent Down Works. If you recall, Archival did a collaboration with CDW back in the day using Swiss knit sourced sourced from Centralia Knitting Mills (now permanently closed). Here’s what it looked like:

Archival x Crescent Down Works Vest
Archival x Crescent Down Works Vest

Although I own my own XS version of this collaboration, I’m looking for an ultra light down iteration for the summer. My goal: doll up like the summer fit models in a Japanese e-shop, pairing puffer with an Orcival striped shirt, Patagonia stand up shorts and possibly sockless Aldens or clunky brogues. Current shopping obsession: new ripstop down vest from Crescent Down Works (they seem to be phasing out the old 60/40 fabric vests). Preferred Style: Down Italian Vest. I love CD@ because they offer smaller sizes for women and children and continue to innovate funky down styles. See this new hooded pullover (my caching Fall wishful purchase).

Nostalgia tour. Here are some snaps from a CDW factory tour I did with Tom around 2012:

Nina showing a down vest designed for children
Tom modeling a classic down parka in 60/40 fabric
Fabric and fill options
Special make up in herringbone wool
Jacket and vest patterns

And here are some of my favorite fit shots from older Japanese blog posts:

Now it’s your turn. Here’s the ingredient list. Design your own!

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