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Narifuri x Lavenham cycling quilt

Lavenham, a UK based brand specializing in custom horse rugs and quilt gillets, is everywhere these days (per Instagram). The predominant Lavenham visual in my feed is the new reversible quilt gillet designed in collaboration with Labour and Wait.

Today, I spotted a fetching new collaboration between Lavenham and Narifuri (a Japanese urban fashion + cycling brand)(to my eye, a Tokyo Outlier w/a thing for country clothing).

What I love here is how the very trad sporting quilt (designed for “checking drinkers and feeders”) is gently reimagined as a cycling garment (adding an easy-access upper chest pocket for caps and keys and substituting out the game pocket for a rear cargo pocket).

And if you are like me and collect images rather than actual garments, browse back through the Internet archives for more images of Lavenham offerings from the past like this classic quilt jacket.

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