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Restock – Archival Zip Cardigan

Zip Cardigan-10
Zip Cardigan-14
Zip Cardigan

Zip Cardigan-3
Zip Cardigan-16
Zip Cardigan-12

For 2014, we’ve restocked our Archival Zip Cardigan in three colorways: navy, olive and new black. Our Zip Cardigans are made by our friends at Centralia Knitting Mills. Knitted from 4-ply worsted wool on circular knitting machines from the 1930s, the fabric is remarkably sturdy, warm, and pill resistant. We love them fall, winter, and spring, worn either under an overcoat or, on more mild days, as outerwear in their own right. This historical sweater design features a low rib knit shawl collar, a two-way brass zipper, and knitted cuffs. Double-knitted elbows reinforce that wear point without an unsightly external patch. Pocket bags are trimmed with multi-weave wool. For more information, visit our Archival Web Shop.

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