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Shopping from 1939: Abercrombie and Fitch

Here are excerpts from my favorite vintage Abercrombie and Fitch catalog from 1939. During this era, Abercromie & Fitch field jackets and outdoor clothing showed a tailored, British influence. Many of the garments came in dress fabrics like high count cotton poplin or wool gabardine. The catalog contains sections for both men and women. While identified as a high end outdoor clothier, A & F offered practical, stylish clothing that could be worn at camp or for home chores. Many of the garments, especially the denim outfits, could easily be adapted for modern wear.

Should you wish to make a purchase, I’ve reprinted the original order form which should be mailed to the Madison Avenue address post dated 1939.

8 thoughts on “Shopping from 1939: Abercrombie and Fitch”

  1. I love the hats and am surprised how difficult it is today to find inspired headwear. So much reference, so little people paying attention. Rucksacks are very cool also. Keep it up, great stuff.

  2. I will here, for all time, admit that I am old enough to have friends whose fathers went to NYC to buy their outdoor gear at A&F. Even then, it was considered *very* high end.

    I do think I need a pair of the ladies’ tramping boots.

  3. Where are all the teenage naked models. Where is the Hollister gear and the live feed of Huntington Beach? This doesn’t look like the A and F that I know.

    They should do an A and F premium line. Really kind of surprised that they’re missing the “heritage” train. Probably worried they’d damage the brand.

  4. I’m betting that the profit margin on printed T-shirts is so large that as long as A&F can do a brisk business among the under 25 set, “heritage” revival isn’t in the cards.

  5. I have my father in law’s A&F leather shotgun case, to go with the excellent AP Sauer side by side 12ga skeet gun he also purchased at A&F. A long way from what that store has become.

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