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Shopping from 1952: Summer Camp Kit

Posted on: August 19th, 2010 by Lesli Larson

Next week, I’ll be heading to the Hood Canal for a weekend at my old summer camp. Since I’m fulfilling my packing list from the pages of the 1952 LL Bean catalog, I’ll only need to shop for few perishable provisions (coffee beans, 35mm film and almonds).

I have a two shoe rule for traveling but I couldn’t decide between the no-sole moccasin, camp oxford and canoe shoe, so I’ll pack all three (and throw in the 9″ moccasins just in case I do some ad hoc tramping and fishing).

All my gear will be packed in Bean Zipper Duffles and our trusty A.C. rucksack (camp tested by Sweet Juniper).

Camping in the movies:

Charlotte Vale’s well appointed camp site (Now Voyager)


  1. reverend dick on

    A 20lb tent for the hunter who wants to “go light.” I love it!

  2. NCJack on

    In 1958 I had a Bean “pup” tent with floor, neeting door, waxed canvas, needed it’s own pack mule. Also had the sleeping bag shown. My current tent and winter bag weigh together about 2/3 of what that bag alone weighs, but back then it was “cutting edge”

  3. NCJack on

    Sorry, “netting” door, as in mosquito

  4. Anonymous on

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