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Shopping from 1982: LL Bean

On the subject of heritage garb for women, here is what was available from LL Bean in 1982. What I love about this era of LL Bean is how many items are offered in unisex sizes and colors (seriously…when was the last time you saw a contemporary catalog listing the exact same item, in the same colorway, “for men and women?”).  While some of the clothing items are on the blandly prep side, I would immediately mail order the madras shirt, Chouinard shorts, tassel mocs and the anorak.  For a view of the full catalog reprint, see the venerable Heavy Tweed Jacket.

8 thoughts on “Shopping from 1982: LL Bean”

  1. Oh, man, thanks for the flashback! While under the questionable influence of the preppy handbook, I spent way too much time in my middle school years poring over catalogs such as this. 🙂

    1. Barry, my apologies. I don’t have that particular Bean catalog. However, many of the older scans on this site contain a few Bean field watch images. Are you looking for the Hamilton model?

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