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Shopping from 1987 – Barbour catalog

Thanks to Thornproof for providing me with access to this hard to find, 1987 Barbour catalog. Sharp eyed folks will note all the ways Barbour has tweaked and edited their line over the years. My two favorite models from this era are the Spey Wading Jacket and the Solway Zip – both discontinued. If you’re a Barbour Bedale fan, check out the earlier iteration with two flap pockets and no handwarmer pockets. If you were shopping from this catalog what would you buy?





















6 thoughts on “Shopping from 1987 – Barbour catalog”

  1. Did this catalog include the motorcycle gear? My personal favorite Barbour jacket is the International (a slightly more upscale Belstaff Trialmaster).
    The choice of vehicles in the background is interesting as well. The Range Rover is an 83 model with the old style grille, and the Land Rover is a Series III from 1979, even though the coil sprung models similar to the Defender had been around for four years by 1987.

    1. This catalog only seemed to have non motorcycle gear. I do love the Barbour International. I just captured and released a UK made International from a lovely seller on ebay. Alas, the fit did not work well for a short/petite woman. Spey wading jackets seem to fit me best.

    2. Do you think Barbour is more upscale than Belstaff? Perhaps in vintage form? The opposite is the case now? Barbour is classier historically but now less cool in the UK because it’s grown so big and they also make cheaper products.

      Belstaff had a bad few years with quality dropping under Italian ownership but is now back in UK hands.

      1. Intersting comparison. I think you’re right about Belstaff lapping Barbour in terms of current quality and product offerings. I typically collect older Barbour (and own one lovely Belstaff).

  2. Oddly enough I had this catalogue for many years, I bought 2 bedale jackets in 1987, only very recently have i started to use the second of the 2, having worn the first one to death and having had my wife throw it out! Personally I think they where better fabric back then as everything was made in England back then. Thanks for sharing something I had almost forgotten about, Cheers!

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