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Shopping from the Past – French Work Jackets

Inspired by Bill Cunningham, I have been collecting images french work jackets (aka “bleu de travail”). Cunningham made this style of garment his personal uniform and I was inspired to wear one for the next month in memory of his amazing life and creative work. Most of the current, commercial offerings (Le Laborer, Old Town, Vetra, and Arpenteur are too large for me) so I was hoping to shop from the past for something with a better fit. On eBay, I found a terrific vintage version by Le Remouleur w/really exemplary patchwork repairs and artful spotting. The listing indicates that the jacket is from the 1930s which seems to be the golden era of french workwear (lots of corduroy and moleskin). I don’t know too much about the label (anyone?) but would love to find out more. Here is a similar example sported by one of my  favorite Archival customers at Inspiration LA.















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  1. Where’d you find this jacket? I just saw five or so trousers from the brand “Le Remouleur” (same tag) at a Brooklyn Vintage Store. I was told by the owner that the trousers are from the 20s. I’m also curious to find out more about the history of these trousers…

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