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Shopping from ebay – Bob Jackson Musettes

Ok.  I love our  cotton duck, Archival Musettes.  They were designed as functional, more durable iterations of the classic pro peleton musette.  Though I own a lifetime supply of musettes, I still shop for novelty models on ebay.  Here are some great looking, Bob Jackson & Jack Taylor branded musettes via this ebay seller.  I still dream of pedaling through my next Paris Brest Paris on a made in UK, Jack Taylor frame.  Perhaps I need a matching musette to go with my 2015 ensemble.  For reference, Flickr contact Hudsonic owns an exemplary Jack Taylor.
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  1. Hi, stumbled across your site. do you happen to know anything about A Beekay products? have a cycling casquette made by them and trying to find out a bit more about them?

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