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Shopping from Japan: Le Tricot de La Mer Channel Cardigan

Outside of the UK, Japan is almost the only place where I still Gansey-style sweaters on offer. Ganseys were originally designed as hard wearing (often hand knit) sweaters for fishermen and seafaring folks. Now, they primarily compliment corduroys and Birkenstocks on Japanese web shop models. Here’s a terrific cardigan model (the channel cardigan) by Le Tricot De La Mer (available through Takanna). I love the buttons, pocketing and trim. And unlike most of the models shown on UK knitting sites,, the Tricot version is scaled down enough to offer up a stylish, body-hugging fit both both men and women (offset, of course, by those mile wide trousers).

A few historical views:

Barbour Gansey from the 2001/2002 catalog
Victorian fisherman in his Gansey

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