Shopping From Japan

Shopping from Japan: Yarmo Dusters

Yarmo is one of those brands that maintains a dual identity, manufacturing earnest, industrial workwear for the UK while producing a more fashion friendly line for the japanese market (read this 2016 UK news story for more on the history of Yarmo’s Japanese collaborations). For my stay-at-home wardrobe, I’m thinking the Yarmo duster (sometimes referred to as a “typewriter jacket”) is just the thing I need. I’m not a robe and pajama person but I dream of an indoor overgarment that dresses me up one tick for my endless stream of Zoom meetings. I consider garments like this the sartorial equivalent of an Instagram filter.

For awhile, I was thinking I’d buy a Best Made Hanten jacket. Now that the company has disappeared, and my house temp has warmed up, I’m going to go the the Yarmo route. Here are some Yarmo options from Rococo in Japan (via Rakuten):

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