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Archival in Tokyo

April 2nd, 2015

Pop Up Portland

We’re thrilled to announce that Archival will be participating in Pop Up PDX in Tokyo sponsored by the Portland Development Commission on April 20-24.  Archival will be one of eight brands exhibiting in Tokyo as part of a larger trade mission to promote business between the two cities.  If you live or are visiting Tokyo, drop by and visit the Archival booth at the lovely Macch Ecute venue.  If you are a Japanese distributor or store interested in working with a Archival, email to set up an appointment.

Archival Field Trip – Winn Perry (revisited)

May 28th, 2014

To my delight, Jordan Sayler has reopened Winn Perry, his sharply curated menswear shop in Portland. This weekend I caught up with Jordan and took some snaps of his new space. Archival has a special relationship with Jordan as he was our first brick and mortar stockist.  I loved visiting visiting Jordan’s original shop in the historic Ford building in SE Portland.  Here is where I first learned about emerging heritage brands like SNS Herning, Wings + Horns, Our Legacy and Billykirk and others.  And like other Alden pilgrims, I would stop to admire Jordan’s latest Alden SMUs (the best in the biz imho).  I’m still carrying a torch for his Alden Workman’s Oxford.  Jordan is carrying Aldens again in his new shop  along with best quality menswear basics including Apolis trousers, Individualized shirts, Vetra work jackets, LVC Levi’s 501s and a special line of beautiful, English bridle leather belts.   The shop also has on offer a variety of pocket carries, shoe care kits, reading material and grooming supplies (a blind spot in my optic).  My own purchases for the day included a pair of made in Germany socks and a made in UK, Abbeyhorn key fob.
Jordan Clock copy
Jordan in his new space (with clocks and audio for company)

Shoulder Tote copy
Showroom mix of Apolis, Alden and Archival

Rucksack copy

Longwing copyOne of Jordan’s SMU Aldens –  reverse chamois leather longwings with a double waterloc sole

Footwear copy

Vetra copy
A handsome lineup of Vetra French work jackets and Individualized shirting

Made on the moon copy
What I love about Jordan’s shop is that it mixes more familiar brands with surprise offerings from regional designers or manufacturing partners.  Case and point are these scarves and caps by Portland based art duo, Made on the Moon.  Per Jordan, “[t]he designer here in Portland illustrated the pattern and worked with a craftsman in India to make a wood block print. The craftsman then carved the illustration into a wood block and prints the pattern on the fabrics by hand. The scarves are cut and sewn in India. For the caps the fabric was brought back to the States and cut and sewn into cap form in the USA.”

Webbing copy

Shaving Supplies

Apolis copy

Window display 2 copy

Books copy

Window display-2 copy

Archival Field Trip – San Francisco

May 30th, 2013


Rancourt mocs at Taylor Stitch
  Random encounters with Rivendell


Sound level monitoring

 Mister Self Edge

 Harris tweed castoff

Sushi Boat

Archival Permanent – PDX

May 23rd, 2013

In Randonneuring, a perm is a permanent route you can schedule to ride at any time. On Saturday, I rode Michal Young’s scenic Alsea 200k loop with several friends from the Oregon Randonneurs. On Sunday, I dragged my friend Bruce up to Portland for what I would consider my favorite Archival shopping perm.  The loop starts somewhere around Eye Styles, migrates over to Little Tee for lunch followed by gabbing and gawking at Blake, coffee at Barista, more aspirational shopping at Lizard Lounge and than a post meal retreat to Cinema 21. Though I rarely make purchases on my perm, I  consistently catch and release the same evidential photos: Japanese eyewear, FWK Engineered Garments, heritage footwear,  denim and print ephemera from the movies.  Contact me if you wish to recreate my route.  I will provide you with a start time, a list of controls and a few informational questions to confirm that you followed the correct route.   Here is some evidence of participation from my weekend:

Theo taking a white line nap next to his lovely MAP custom 
Vanilla and Map randos outside John Boy’s Alsea Mercantile (via Theo Elliot)
Our rando mob (photo by Asta C.)
Bruce modeling Barton Perreira…
  …matching suede green Quoddy mocs
Croque Madame at Little Tee
Sport footwear check: Oak Street and Arche
Aspirational FWK at Blake
  A rare patch from the Jantzen swimwear company
Sam’s Yuketen boots 
Spot watch check: a Filson rep’s Marathon chronograph
Neil sampling frites and cidre at Irving Kitchen
Mildred Pierce at Cinema 21

Archival Field Trip – Los Angeles

March 4th, 2013
A few snap views from last weekend’s jaunt to Los Angeles.  For the prequel, check out my LA Field Trip from 2012.
Friend Mimsy sporting an Archival Plain Musette
Blair, proprietor of General Quarters 
Signature, discharge printed kerchiefs
Archival Rucksack on display
Exemplary ensemble – Self Edge LA

 Self Edge x Flat Head denim after 5 years of wear

Out of the past – Mimsy mural print

 Retrospecs at Shelter Half

Tradesmen co-founders, Ruben and Doug
Wrist bling
 Tradesmen by M. Nii pop up shop

Archival baggage on display
California teen style via Lord Love a Duck (Axelrod 1966)
Wishful shopping – Alden Tassel Loafers (size 6.5!)

De Rigueur McIntosh sound system – Unionmade

More McIntosh – Mohawk General Store
Breakfast sandiwch – Salt’s Cure
Shirley Bassey – Oscars telecast
Feal Mor – Sadly closed on Sundays
Last minute media – Scotty McTavish McDougal McCardo

Eugene re-entry – Sundance Natural Foods

Archival Field Trip – PDX

February 12th, 2013

Over the weekend, I made a quick trip up to Portland to shop for eyewear, catch a film and check in on a few of my favorite shops.  Here are some visual notes from the trip:
New S/S Engineered Garments at Blake
Brand obsession – Masunaga eyewear from Japan (via Blink)
Original Archival Flap Musette on tour 
Bike rack Ira Ryan custom porteur
Sugar Cane Brown Beach Jacket

Shopping for yet another Hario brewing device
Now Playing – Blue Velvet at Cinema 21