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New Release – Archival x Crescent Down Works Waxed Vest

October 12th, 2014

We teamed up with Crescent Down Works in Seattle to create a supremely durable and handsome vest that’s great for a crisp urban commute or a chilly duck blind. Starting with CDW’s classic Italian Vest pattern, we added some uniquely Archival features including a waxed cotton/nylon shell, brass snaps, reinforced leather washers, an inside chest pocket and a worsted wool knit collar made for us by Centralia Knitting Mill.

This Fall, we are offering the vest in three colorways: navy, olive and black.  For more information, visit the Archival Web Shop.

Archival Down Vest Black styled
Wax Vest Wall-15
Wax Vest Wall-46  
Wax Vest
Archival Wax Vest 4
Waxed Vest Knit Collar Detail

Recent Press – Archival Waxed Down Vest

November 4th, 2013

We’ve received some terrific press on our Archival Waxed Down Vest .   Thanks to GQ, Mens Journal, Esquire, Well Spent and others for their kind reviews.   If you are intersted in purchasing a vest, place your order via our Archival Web Shop.   A note on sizing: we are  stocking this vest in unisex sizes from XS to XL..  The two way, brass zip and snap closure front make it possible to tweak vest  fit for different body types.   I/Lesli am a petite woman and consider the XS a perfect fit..



Men's Journal



Archival Down Vests by Crescent Down Works

October 30th, 2012

I really love down vests, so it was a treat to work with one of the finest down garment makers in the country on a really special project. Here’s our take on a classic work/hunting vest, done with a lightweight waxed cotton shell, a nylon lining for easy layering, and a worsted wool rib collar, knitted by Washington’s Centralia Knitting Mills. Made in Seattle, WA by Crescent Down Works.

The waxed cotton shell is weather-resistant and durable, much more so than the thin nylon typically used in backpacker’s down vests. The collar is cozy but not so big you can’t throw a jacket on over. The handwarmer pockets are stuffed with down so that your hands really stay warm. There’s an inside pocket for the phone, or matches, or playing cards.

I’m very proud of this vest – it’s handsome, durable, and functional clothing made in the Northwest – and that’s what Archival’s all about! Exclusive to Wilderness Workshop and our own web store. Very limited quantities  

We visited Crescent Down Works a few months ago, be sure to check out the report from that trip.

Archival Field Trip – Crescent Down Works

March 19th, 2012

Crescent Down Works is one of those amazing northwest companies that is better known in Japan than in the US. Crescent was founded in 1974 as a custom down vest company in Seattle, WA. The company’s founder, Anne Michelson, got her start at Eddie Bauer another exemplary regional manufacturer. Crescent produces a tightly edited collection of down vests, jackets, parks, sweaters and children’s clothing. I’m hugely fond of this down shirt. You can buy directly from Crescent or wishfully shop from Japanese web shops like Warehouse.

On Friday, Tom and I visited Nina, the Cutting Room Manager, to work out the details on a future Archival x Crescent collaboration (coming in Fall 2012). Here are some snap views from our visit.


North by Northwest vest in 60/40

A pint sized Italian vest

Orders packed for Japan

Special make up in wool herringbone

Best quality goose down from Pacific Coast Feather Co.